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  • White 2, it´s in my sig and shop. Don´t know the numbers myself haha. I´ll see you in the room.
    Hola ^^,

    I might make 3:15 your time, but I'm far from sure. If I don't make it, something around 6 pm your time will work. We'll see ;)
    Unfortunately I can't trade now cause I'm on my phone in subway eating lunch now but I will see if I can this week hopefully :)
    No its not hacked silly all RNG's on Pokecheck that are flawless or near flawless will say this Pokémon is likely edited or RNG'd trust me on this I have uploaded about 200 pokes already and it will say something very different if hacked usually like terminator sequence invalid or PID doesn't match nature, this Pokémon had hacked IV's, this pokemon doesn't match any regions character map, I've gotten the whole whoscow on hacks I released, you don't want the ones with the blank OT or ????????? ask QuoteMaster on here she can tell you :) I wouldn't pull something on someone that I don't want pulled on me =/
    Replied, just gonna Pokecheck the virizion first, do you have Pokecheck proof of the rayquaza? I am taking precautions lately cause when I first learned how to Pokecheck 1.5 weeks ago and found 20 hacks so I've had to edit the shop a few times since :/ know what I mean, to many hackers out there -_-
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