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  • The ignore button can be your friend for dealing with the General thread. Then you wouldn't have to view those posts. Just a suggestion.
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    I've just learned this. It's such a relief. Thank you! ;3;
    Ah. You're welcome.
    So the climax of the game with Team Flare was extraordinary. And then there was that bit with AZ at the end.

    Ah, what a spectacular story this was!
    It isn't the venting thing, but that I am not a fan of talking about myself really.

    Maybe I should go back. I don't know.
    BSN now has its own jokes about the whole thing. People claiming to have cancelled their pre-orders in a post would get replies like: "Pre-cancel ordered!" or "Order pre-cancelled". And then that kinda spilled over to Waypoint before Halo 4 launched thanks to me doing that. Probably wasn't the most mature thing I've ever done, but I had fun and made others laugh.

    Yeah, the whole thing with college really sucks. It is a business in the states. Not an education. I am apathetic about the whole thing. I'd rather live a life as a janitor and be debt free than have this degree which won't find me work and have crippling debt.
    ...that is actually why I haven't found the motivation to return after I had to take a semester off due to a car wreck.

    Oh but you don't want to hear me talk about my whole college thing, do you? How are your studies going?
    A lot of people didn't like ME3's ending. But it was mostly just people hating on it because it was something new to hate on. You can see this going on with the 6th Gen on this very forum.
    when Gen VII comes out, nobody will remember saying they hated GenVI. Because VII will be the new thing to hate.

    Yeah, I do all of that... kinda. Though I have been taught how to operate radio equipment and have a great voice for it (or so I've been told), I focus on the television side. I am not an anchor because I'd rather be editing stuff together or operating cameras. But it is not even what I really want to do with my life. It is just something that I arbitrarily chose because I was told that I had to choose.
    And then there's the Misc. section on this forum. The second worst place on the internet. The first being BSN. I remember that after Mass Effect 3's script was leaked, everyone who liked it or at least defended Bioware for whatever reason was a mindless drone. When the people calling us drones were mindlessly repeating everything a certain youtube user said about it. In the end, everyone is a bee. No, wait, we are all Espurr. But that isn't the point.

    English major, eh? I'm Broadcasting. And glad to hear you like the story. Sometimes I feel like the only person who plays Pokemon for the story. Or at least thinks it is an important part of the experience.
    Oh yeah? I've largely stopped posting because of the amount of people who ARE jerks. I really only post when it is to help someone out or a game is a few days from launch. I've got to keep myself entertained in my downtime somehow, or else I'll look at story spoilers.
    It is no longer allowing me to boost your rep, but know that I appreciate almost everything you post.

    Truly, I do.
    All done!

    Top - http://i43.*******.com/142adzr.png
    Bottom - http://i42.*******.com/2j28503.gif
    \o/ ~ Whoo
    It's not all too bad, really. It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes per clock depending on how distracted I get by pretty things on the internet. :p
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually had my first uni lecture yesterday so I can now imagine the feeling =P
    Would send a PM, but it's on cooldown and you're the last I need to message:

    Cinco de septiembre - 9:01 PM US Mountain Time

    2 slots opening in just a few minutes (after I send out ALL these PMs). Good luck!
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