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  • Not bad. Unfortunately, the VRPG has expired due to Computer troubles :(

    So...it's postponed...yeah.

    Heh, one of the many reasons I love England :D

    Hows it going? Haven't talked to you in awhile and noticed you were on. So, hey thar, O Master of Bricks.

    Also, you live in England, no? Or, Europe, I mean...

    In December each mod will come up with a question and PM it to me. It will be a general question and can be on anything (as long as Pokemon is involved) also if you ever here anything about the anime just post it!

    Fair enough, c/w is a bumber. I have some for Wednesday so... but it's good you're getting into the club more. And when you re-post your fic send me the link please.

    And thank you for reading my fic. Please comment and review if you have time!
    No, just one:

    And on the 31st or 1st. Any day will do. Your choice since you and me_ love_ eevee would be in charge
    I'm reading first story and have you posted your story.

    Also would you like to read my story Max's Hoenn Journey (a link is in my sig)

    With next months Pokemon UK questions could you include a Ranger question?
    Thank you, I'll be looking out for your story today. And is your friends story on Serebii. I wouldn't mind reading it!
    Hey, just letting you know, if you do still wish to partake in the VRPG, I believe there'll be more consistency to it now. So, yeah.
    Thats cool, I'll read it tomorrow morning. If it's posted then! Also would you like to read my fic, Max's Hoenn Journey

    And like I said earlier in a PM i sent you about a few changes being made to the group adding to the monthly questions. What are your views on that?

    And don't worry about not being active. It happens to everyone!
    Hey there, Stabberz wanted me to inform my friends (you) that his new fic up. Go on, take a look! Well, if your friends with Stabberz at least, and if your into fan fiction. :)
    Hey. Heads up. I'm getting lots o' time tommorrow. Probably tonight for you.

    And my computer seems to be fixed.

    So, New chapter probably up.
    Hey there ~*Mudkip Fantastic*~, you haven't been on Serebii for a while, harryheart and I need you to comment more on the club. Just mentioning, okay?
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