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  • Hey, I heard you wanted a shiny Monmen race? ~ Sure I'll race you! I can't record it on the Shine Recorder though, because I'm currently in a Kokoromori race with someone, sorry 'bout that.
    That's always good to hear! =D

    Ahh. School's always going to cause trouble, it seems like. Good luck with your studies, though~ (And cool! We have a snow day today too!)
    asdfghjkl;' Youuuuu. <3 Hey! It's been awhile!

    I'm back, sort of. xD;; Mostly for trade stuff, though. But I've been well, thank you! School's sort of a pain, but I'll manage, hahaa~

    And how have you been?
    My first game was Leaf Green. I was going to sell it to Game Stop a couple of years ago, but before then, I let my friend borrow it and he ripped over the sticker saying Pokémon Leaf Green Version, so the Game Stop Employees wouldn't take it. That is a good thing since I would have regretted selling it.
    What about DSi's & DSi XL's? If they make RS Remakes (or Emerald), at least you wouldn't need to worry about the Pal Park.
    Cool. I choose them from a Water/Fire/Grass/Regional Bird/Electric/Normal Type Basis. If I get Black, I'd have Tepig and then the BW Third Version would be Snivy. The next generation will be Fire/Grass respectively for the paired versions and then the Water Type Starter Pokémon for the Third Version.

    Yeah, either this year or next year. I'll ask Game Stop how much I'd get for my DS Lite when I buy White.
    Cool, so it is Oshawott in Black & Tepig in White? That is the opposite with my brother and me. My brother is getting Black with Tepig and I'm getting White with Oshawott.
    Pretty cool team! You do realize that you get Pansear when you choose Oshawott, right? From the look of things, it looks like you'll choose Oshawott, unless if in the other game, you choose Snivy in which you get Pansear.
    What Pokémon do you want as a team?

    I want Daikenki, Darmanitan, Mebukijika, Kenhorou, Zeburaika & Muurando. I'm still waiting on an official confirmation with the full list of US names by the way.
    Wow, that seems cool. Are you getting BW the day it comes out? I am because Game Stop holds pre orders only 48 hours after the release and because I really want White.
    I'm good. You?

    I saw that in a recent VM, you had an idea for a Generation V Club. The games are coming out in only 46 days!!
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