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Last Activity:
Dec 28, 2014
Sep 20, 2009
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Shiny Hunter, from CA

Mudkip_Zink was last seen:
Dec 28, 2014
    1. Mudkip_Zink
      Yum, hatched my shiny Larvesta today, Hardy nature but good IVs, nothing much to report as theres still no Arceus. Happy hunting!
    2. Mudkip_Zink
      Ah quite good, yesterday I ended my Shaymin search, quickest search I've ever had it was about 2-3 days, nature as it should be:Modest, thinking about giving it a nickname but IDK what it would be so I dunno about that. Quite happy about how quick this one was!

      Back to eggs and Pokéradar Ralts hunting untill they release Arceus! >.> ...If
    3. Mudkip_Zink
      *Breaths some fresh air* Finally after...too long, I caught my shiny Giratina in Pearl on Sept.2nd!
      Yea I never really said I was hunting him but the void was being stubborn so I went to Giratina just to hunt while I worked out the issue, in maybe a day or two I'll start my hunt for Shaymin(finally).

      Notes on Giratina, I nick-named it "Tartarus" it's the greek god of death and also the "hell" only for people who have personally offended the gods, I may be wrong on some of those facts but w/e it's an epic name. Nature is naughty(+att -sp.def) sad as I was hoping for a bulky sp. attacker, so far it's EV'd in sp.att but if I get some TMs and see how much the difference would be I may switch it to att as it's got the nature for it, don't like the att moves as much though, caught it in a dusk ball, perfect for it.

      Side note I had to restart me Pearl file AFTER I transfered Giratina over due to a screw up in the void, but I've gotten to the right point in-game so I can enter and come out alive again, still hunting Larvesta eggs in the mean time and every so often I'll hunt Ralts.
    4. Mudkip_Zink
      To hunt for a shiny Ralts quicker think I'll hunt for it in Plat with the Pokéradar..
      I also noticed how long it take to SR in B/W so I'm thinking about calling off my shiny Kyurem hunt, but I won't be getting to that very soon so we'll see..
    5. Mudkip_Zink
      I decided that some time I'm going to try to hatch a shiny Ralts via Mesuda Method in Black, I've kinda always wanted one but this will be after I have hatched shiny Larvesta, Axew, Muuna and Litwick..
    6. Mudkip_Zink
      So only a day after I got Palkia to lv.100 I found shiny Latias, and it's only four days after catching Palkia, once again I got Careful nature(+sp.def -sp.att) which kinda sucks but it's shiny so I'm happy, and I did have a bold syncronizer to...
      Currently I'm only able to hunt(Hatch) Larvesta because the void is haveing problems in my pearl game so I can't get to Shaymin yet...

      Onward to Flower Paradise!(Eventually) =p
    7. Mudkip_Zink
      Yes! This morning I finally captured shiny Palkia(Careful +sp.def -sp.att) in pearl! The nature isn't good but I really don't care because I'm just glad to finally have this one marked down, I didn' have a synchronizer because I saved when you stand before Palkia and you cannot turn back at that point, but I was able to catch it in a Nest Ball in one shot!

      Currently hatching Larvesta eggs using the Mesuda Method and I'm still hunting Latias but I'm not focused at her at this point because I wanted to move onto my next target...

      Onward to Flower Paradise to capture Shaymin!
    8. Mudkip_Zink
      Got Black reserved and my main hit list for shiny pokes is:Volcrona(Egg), Haxorus(Egg), Chandelure(Egg), Musharna(Egg) and Kyurem(SR)...But I'm still stuck trying to get Palkia/Latias and once I get Palkia I'll aim for Shaymin(Void glitch) and after that Giratina so I have a big list...Wish me luck!...
    9. WishIhadaManafi5
      Bummer. Don't blame ya, since they're so hard to come by that way. Heck yea it is. I thought he was yellow and then I found out he was gold :). Can't wait for the Celebi event though... that one is a long time in the making.

      It's an RPG... link to article about the games

      And you get to go around and collect Djinni (Water, Fire, Earth and Wind) that will help you along the way.

      It's pretty fun :).
    10. WishIhadaManafi5
      Nm, got the newest Golden Sun game, Dark Dawn for Christmas. It was SO worth getting too :). Nostalgia all the way. Nice, too bad about not running into any other shinies. Got the chance to trade with a friend of mine recently... so I could get some Pokemon from my Diamond version over to my Soul Silver. And I got both the Raikous and the Enteis from the Gamestop event. Have you?
    11. Mudkip_Zink
      BTW to anyone whos interested, I've been double hunting for Latias and Palkia on a new pearl game I got for a while...None have shown up yet and its been a while since my last shiny...Hope its soon =p

      *Edit* I also am seaching for a Bold(+Def -Att) Latias and not Modest anymore.
    12. WishIhadaManafi5
    13. Mudkip_Zink
      122 day after SUICUNE and 22 days from PHANPY, I finally got my shiny GROUDON! I managed to cature it in a Dive Ball(my favorite) so whenever GROUDON comes out, hes covered in water =p ..the nature is quite sad though, TIMID(+speed -att)..was hoping for ADAMANT(+att -sp.att) still EV'd it in att and its lv. 100 and set to kill >=D

      Now that thats over I'm on to my next search..a MODEST(+sp.att -att) shiny LATIAS from the HG/SS stone event, I have the stone and going to start once my shiny GROUDON DONOPHAN and GYARADOS are at lv.100, lets hope its a quick shiny!..
    14. Mudkip_Zink
      So after exactly 100 days after SUCUNE I came across my next shiny..nope not GROUDON, randomly deciding to play Plat I chained a shiny calm(+sp.def -att) PHANPY at around the 10-12th chain...Yea, sad day for me as I said before I picked up my DS I would "kill somone if I get some other shiny thats not GROUDON"..Well, I didnt acually kill anyone but I'm sad as PHANPY isnt on my top 10 list >.>

      ...I'll report any other capture...and the next one better be GROUDON..
    15. Mudkip_Zink
      After my hunt for SUICUNE ended I pondered who to search for next..a bit different then what I said on my Jul6th post, I decided to search for shiny GROUDON in SS..Although I'm not going for jolly(-sp.att +speed) nature, I'm going to try to make is adamant(-sp.att +att)..So I started searching a few days back but I'm having to SR like crazy as resetting GROUDON takes longer then SUICUNE and I think even longer then HO-OH aswell..SUICUNE is now lv.100 now and EV trained =D ...I'll post my end results of GROUDON or any other shinys I come across a few days after I catch them probobly..
    16. Mudkip_Zink
      Woot! on July 4th at my house there wasnt much of a sight for seeing fireworks but I did get some sparkles, concluding my shiny SUICUNE hunt and seeing it shine on a holiday was the highlight of my week =p ..Although I didnt get the nature I wanted(bold) I didnt get something like Adamant, ended up being Careful(+SP.DEF -SP.ATT)..not so great but hey, who am I to complain about getting a shiny =D ..My next hunt will either be shiny GROUDON(jolly) or I might buy a Diamond game again and SR for shiny SHAYMIN/GIRATINA..using the tweaking glitch for SHAYMIN though so it wont be an event poke but I was lazy on platinums SHAYMIN event =/ ...
    17. Mudkip_Zink
      On June16th I finished my hunt for shiny HO-OH! Adamant nature and lv.100 now...
      Next target:shiny SUICUNE(bold)!
    18. WishIhadaManafi5
      Thanks for the add :).
    19. WishIhadaManafi5
      You can get one on Route 48 in Soul Silver. That's where I found mine.
    20. Aurawave
      ;) lol mudkip rocks
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