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  • Feel free to create your own reboot of PBB (and even link to the original to preserve it somewhat) if you'd like. As much as I loved being its host I'm getting too busy to be able to keep hosting it, so if you'd like to be its successor, you can go right ahead.
    I was asked about this before. I would be glad to keep PBB alive, but from what I saw, the post you most recently made actually came over a month after the post that came before it, so from what I gather, nobody's actually allowed to post in it now. From what I've read of the rules if there's a thread that is open but wasn't posted in for a month you get punished for posting in it even if posting is possible, and because I'd rather not get in trouble, I don't believe there's anything I can do to save the thread at this point.

    I hate to see Pokemon Big Brother go as much as you do. It seems beyond saving now which is very much saddening.
    Hey, do you think you could be nice enough to post a suggestion for my soul silver team for my scramble challenge in the corresponding forum. Thanks in advance.
    Hi I am kinda newer here and getting my name changed to the name of my White version Hydreigon soon and I thought maybe i'd make one friend here, I chose you, since I kinda like's your name (its cute to me xD). :3

    But please no drama...if that's okay?
    It doesn't have to be a dragon to be draconic...I consider something draconic if it is usually a large powerful reptile with the tendency to learn dragon type moves (aggron, heatran, sceptile, etc) or if they have mythical status and can learn dragon-type moves (lucario, arcanine, etc) i mean if base don looks, why is altaria a dragon type?
    Okaaay, how bout

    During the Great Depression, the Tennessee Valley Authority outlawed pet rabbits, forcing many to hot glue-gun long ears onto their pet mice.
    I can't say without a rant.
    You're making this difficult for both of us.

    And, umm...

    Don't like space. Don't like space.
    It's disgraceful. Don't want to rant because you just said not to.

    Okay, maybe this one is better:

    Ha... That sounded real. No! That was actually an impression of you. Actually. Because you just fell into my trap. My brilliant trap. Just then. I wanted you to trick me into bursting that pipe. You didn't trick me. Seemingly trick me. Gives you false hope. Leads to overconfidence. And that leads to mistakes. Fatal mistakes. It's all part of my plan.
    I never said it was ugly. And to emphasize my point, a spot of knowledge from a dear friend.

    You're saying to yourself, why should I jump into the pit? I'll tell you why. Guess who's down there? Your parents! You're not adopted after all! It's your natural parents down there in the pit. Should have mentioned it before. But I didn't. So jump on down and reunite with mommy and daddy.
    It doesn't have to really look it since the dragon appearance is constantly changing...I mean look at altaria of the lat's...it has a lot of aspects that exemplify the dragon motif such as mysticism and power...arcanine and heatran for example, are others...also, learning dragon pulse helps...
    i cant wait to be a useless peice of s~~~ all day and post all these posts
    im not an idiot.she is not a legendary,she can have eggs.oh,join my comics club.also,you posted twce in a row!also,put sir spamalot as a freind,he is the nicest guy ever.

    ps.call me when you get this message.
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