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  • If you want to trade with John in the Rumble, do it now, I'm going to ref pretty soon, probably.
    Congratulations! Your nominee, Theo, has made his way into "All-Star Island". Would you like me to notify you when it begins?
    Honestly; the Ultimate Rumble has started off very slowly...

    probably because no one wants to make a huge target out of themselves by starting chaos. Who knows how long we'd just be sitting here waiting for someone to do something if I hadn't started a sound chain and Jared hadn't started a Hidden Power chain. xD
    12th Grade hasn't Jaded me...in fact 12th grade made me more optimistic towards the world around me...

    Learning about politics and the elections coming up has jaded me though. ;) Naaah jokes aside; yeah you're probably right; just the realist in me seeing what can and what probably will go wrong.
    Oh yeah, the hair is really cute... man I'm so excited for Sun and Moon. ;-; Why can't it be November already?

    I'm sure GO will still do really well; I'm just a little worried for it as far as longevity goes...

    Not to mention at least one person is going to die playing it and getting into a wreck or something by not paying attention.... (but that would probably happen to any game that makes you stare at a phone and walk around, whether it's Pokemon or not.)

    ...........wow I've become cynical with a lot of things. o.o
    Actually I believe we've vaguely seen it in a trailer...where the Male avatar has black stripes in one scene, and blue in another....though I could be wrong. Still; no clue what's going on with the Female Character's hat....it's.....memorable I'll say that.

    Yeah; though I do still worry that Pokemon GO's hype isn't going to last....
    Heh. xD I honestly doubt it'll become a big thing, it'll be big for the first month or so (similar to Miitomo) but eventually fade away into obscurity as that one thing Nintendo did.

    At the moment, Moon, if only because I prefer the Legendary, but I'm still waiting for game-exclusives to be revealed (or at least a couple to be revealed?) before making a solid choice. Also, yes. I'm excited they're bringing back customizable characters....I just hope I can find something that fits my general style like I was able to with X/Y.
    Honestly, since I don't really have any ideas what I want to do, I'm going to a community college and getting the basics done, maybe I'll figure out my calling while I'm there...and while I'm there, I'll probably be playing a lot of Sun and Moon. xD Getting really excited for those games.
    Ooh, sounds like a lot of fun. :) Congrats on finishing up the first year of college...not looking forward to college myself, but I'm sure I'll be fine...

    and in case that didn't give enough hints, just got out of 12th grade. xD
    Mug!! :D It's been so long! I've been good. Livin' a happy life n' such. Been participating in PRR since it came back, been doing...fairly well ranking-wise. Wish you luck in the UR.

    How about you, how've you been?
    Oh yeah definitely; unless it's stats are absolutely amazing I'll probably never use it (Cause Mega-Swampert, Mega-Metagross, and Mega-Salamence will be enough to decide from), but it's just too funny to pass up seeing in my pokedex. >3
    xD Yeah; Mega-Slowbro's face is hilariously...depressing, honestly. o_o; ........also.......

    Eh; Mega-Lopunny actually looks like a decent battling pokemon. Unless it's stats are sub-par for megas, it may do very well. STAB Return/Hi Jump Kicks will be really good.
    Or will it?

    Because, you know; I'm probably going to get a fire type, or some kind of ice type.

    - Actually, Mega-Swampert and an Ice Type would go well together since they'd cover each other's weaknesses....with the exception of fighting-type. >_>;
    :D Congrats. And I don't blame you about the dress; if I were going to an audition for something I'd try to look nice too.

    And yeah; Mega-Swampert. I honestly think the mega is what threw me towards the Mudkip line. It's a hulking beast, and Swampert's always had great Attack.

    - Plus I keep using Torchic and Treecko in replays of ruby, I wanna do something different. :p But hey; Sceptile's not bad. At least he gets immunity to electric?
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