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Last Activity:
Nov 15, 2019
Sep 27, 2010
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Employee for Egg Product Company.

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Bibarel's adorable.

MugoUrth was last seen:
Nov 15, 2019
    1. Ash The Boy
      Ash The Boy
      Thanks for acc
      I like Bidoof, its funny
    2. Dragalge
      Cloneblazer12, stop arguing with MugoUrth. :/
    3. BlazingCold
      D: Sorry bruh
    4. BlazingCold
      Not bad. How's X (or Y) for you?
    5. BlazingCold
      Hey old pal. How's it going
    6. PokemonJesus123
      Cause they abuse these Pokémon and turn 'em into HM slaves!
      Horrible human beings XD lol
    7. PokemonJesus123
      Your avatar is BEAST! :D
      Say hello to my Bidoof avatar! :3
    8. Jb
      Everyone on the internet is bias though.

      Honesty, not even Call of Duty is getting commercials anymore. It's party games and movie tie-ins, you need to look harder.
    9. Jb
      Well it's the internet that decides what's what.

      You do know those are all forms of media right?
    10. Jb
      Well, where is you're proof?

      But you trust the media when you say that 75% of games are shooters.
    11. Jb
      Look at the Urban Dictionary entry, it said otherwise.

      Sega been trying to make good game for like, 10 years. I'm not giving free passes out anymore.

      If you average all the reviews in the thread, it comes up below 50%. I'm not one to let reviews decided what I play but history has told that they are spot on when it comes to Sonic.
    12. Jb
      Honestly, not even the furry community can agree what being a furry it. Ask multiple people and you extremely different replies.

      Oh, and look, another terrible Sonic game, as I said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9TwE7iuCKc
    13. Jb
      what? a large part of furry community is sexual attracted to anthro or w/e. it's everywhere on the internet
    14. Jb
      it pretty rare
    15. The Admiral
      The Admiral
      I haven't played King of Swing either. But hey, it's a DK game, so it's pretty much on my list of things to pick up by default as a result. I mean, I even got the GBA versions of the DKC games that not many people like.
    16. Jb
      um, ok. but like i dont want to know about the things furries are into. its weird and i think i might need an adult
    17. The Admiral
      The Admiral
      I haven't played Jungle Climber, and I sorta feel that DK64 occupies a weird place because, yeah, definitely a DKC game, but not quite in name.

      And to be fair, I didn't really have much of a follow-up.
    18. Jb
      'Then like regular animals

      doesn't matter. all games aren't shown on tv
    19. Jb
      What other way is there to like humanized animals? If that's not the case, keep them...normal animals.
    20. Jb
      Son. Dude. Person. Guy. Opinions can be from.


      I DO NOT GIVE A **** ABOUT WHAT A FURRY IS. If you like animals, keep it to yourself
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    Employee for Egg Product Company.
    Favourite Pokémon:


    I must say, I am 110% against this action, I mean, quoting Wikipedia, '' A world of free knowledge will be lost ''. I say screw SOPA and PIPA, and all who agrees with me, sig this! We all detest the bill and will fight for the freedom of the Internet!

    ;399; This is Bidoof. Many people loathe it with their lives. If you are of the few people who love this little beaver, put this in your sig. Started by Warrior Scolipede