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Nov 15, 2019 at 10:01 PM
Sep 27, 2010
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Employee for Egg Product Company.

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Bibarel's adorable.

MugoUrth was last seen:
Nov 15, 2019 at 10:01 PM
    1. thunderblade12
      I may not have paid much attention. I don't remember what other games I was playing at the time
    2. thunderblade12
      Yep. And after two generations with stuff like gym leader rematches, move tutors and a Battle Frontier, I think they should be included in the first pair of games for a generation. It shouldn't be something they hold off on until the third game of that generation because its obvious they're only doing it to make that third game more diverse and worth buying. Its similar to what Capcom does with the DLC that's already locked on the disk IMO.

      And yeah, Unova didn't seem to have any distractions but neither did Kanto, Hoenn or Sinnoh IMO. GSC is really the only game I remember going back to daily to do stuff like the bug catching contest.
    3. thunderblade12
      Yeah, that one guy was acting as if I insulted Black and White. The score I gave it was near perfect. No game really deserves a 10/10
    4. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      sorry, I had internet troublez as of late. I'm not kicked out yet am I?
    5. Pokefan0234
      And to think that they're on the same team. Hypothetically, of course. The villains are pretty much all their own teams. =P

      I just realized that we never got to use that Megalodon. Phooey, I'll have to have that thing show up later. =/ And speaking of which, do you know what Grass was planning with that whole "have a fish monster eat a wolf" thing?
    6. Pokefan0234
      You just looove pokin' fun at my characters. =P

      Haha, I'm just joking. Still, you do realize that Longbottom's comment means that's there's gonna be some rivalry between him and Houl, right?
    7. Quintsa
      I quit Tag Team.
    8. Pokefan0234
      Alright, sounds cool. I'll hafta get away from Zekshirom and Requiem, first, so I'll get a post up about that soon.
    9. RagingStarmie
      oh that was my bad !
    10. Pokefan0234
      Yeah, that'd be cool. Lemme think... well, I suppose they could meet right after the villain meeting. Or before, actually. I dunno, whatever works with you. =P
    11. RagingStarmie
      I thought my number game thing was my losers round? I haven't been active cus I thought you would PM the next challenge.
    12. Nightfall_
      Thats just werid.

    13. Nightfall_
      What...? I've been waiting for you to PM Me, I didn't get a PM.
    14. HoennTori
      Seems like your a good person who follows the rules. Guess there just being trolls.
    15. boyerboy
      Have you told this to a mod? And Dark_Petal, I agree. Can't you block them?
    16. Murton
      You should care less about what others think of you, because that's the sole reason you're getting trolled.
    17. boyerboy
      Dude I see people arew being jerks too you... Are you alright?
    18. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      2. Fair enough.
      4. No problem.
      5. That's exactly what you said, IIRC. I guess part of it is the retro appeal of the game.
    19. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      But he got you mad. Mission accomplished.
    20. Night Shadow
      Night Shadow
      No **** Sherlock. Now, you already deleted his post due to him revealing the truth. However, he said something very important. He said that you're being used and toyed. Which of corse got you angry. Do you get it now? The goal was to get you angry.
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    Employee for Egg Product Company.
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    I must say, I am 110% against this action, I mean, quoting Wikipedia, '' A world of free knowledge will be lost ''. I say screw SOPA and PIPA, and all who agrees with me, sig this! We all detest the bill and will fight for the freedom of the Internet!

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