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  • I know. Its not your fault, but I needed slice to be somewhere else, and he has to be there soon. So I had to break off the conversation. Any ideas about him? I'll give you a hint. He's already a big part of this story.
    Not sure about the state of quiz games in the forum right now, but the ones I know usually have some sort of way to make searching for an answer harder than google-searching. It's not a game, but the Annual Pokemon Exam ran by Black Marauder makes its exam-takers explain a lot of things in their own words and imposes a time limit on them.
    Mugo, their disapproving of your game, IMO, is bulls***. Someone could do the exact same thing in any of my games.
    hello MugoUrth. i have been working on the make-up, and i have a few more ideas. Because Izu is tired and Susano is wounded, they bother head back to the tower. there, Susano tries to explain himself to Izu, and stresses the point that he tried doing what he thought would be best for her, but he did it in the worst way. after that, it's up to her to either forgive Susano or ask more questions. your thoughts?
    i don't know yet. I have been having a rather bad case of creative block recently, but i think what could happen is that they meet back at the base, where Susano tries to explain what he did, but makes things worse.....yeah. I honestly have no idea right now.
    Warning! Begging Alert: Hey, Mugo....I'm a christian, and we've both participated in a few of Doctor Who's gameshows before, so call on me for that Bible question. Pleeease?
    Hello MugoUrth, it's delta. How have you been, i haven't talked to you in a age and a half. I thought i would be best to ask you before i post, but how do you want Susano and Izu to develop? I doubt savaging the relationship is on the list, so do you want them to remain tense and aggressive to each other, or do you want them to make up?
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