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  • ~I'm always right biscuit, keep your love of animals out of it please

    Thx ♥
    Then stop, but I won't waste time arguing it here when you're known for deleting messages that you don't like.
    Well maybe in terms of game play maybe not the best, but still fun. Suikoden 2 is really the best rpg i've ever played, such a rich story and 108 playable characters (at that time) is just amazing. I'd really recommend it but it's rare and going for around 100 on ebay. Sukioden 3 is pretty darn good too, it's my second favorite of the series with a great story and cast. Your selling your self short only playing the first game.
    There's no reason to leave for a while though. At most a day or two have passed since your character went inactive. Yea, time in the RP moves that slow. There has only ever been one time skip.

    Edit: After reading the rewrite, yea it works. About a week or so would account for enough time. Expect the others to wonder where she's been.
    If you need to have her talk to a nurse or doctor NPC that should work for conversation.

    Well what I was thinking is she would stay by it's side the whole time and not engage in other things, but your way works too. Finding a vet in the city would be a chore in and of itself though, with supplies thin after 8 years. There should be a qualified person in the Med Bay, or you could just put it in a healing machine which would take a while since we don't have a direct antidote. The healing machines are magi-tech that repairs wounds, but a disease would take a while. This would explain the time difference pretty well if you'd like to go with it.
    It honestly is getting way too played-out to the point where they just aren't really that interesting to read about.

    They're not directly "doing it for the Pokemon," as I understand it/remember the text (I pushed most of that out of my mind.)
    I'm simplifying things a little, but part of their stated goal is that they want to purge the world of evil by killing all humans. In fact, I think that "purge the world of evil" is the exact wording he uses at one point.
    Unless you're going for something exotic like the African disease Corbin/Metallo contracted, anything else can be healed by the facilities at the base. I don't see a problem with her spending a couple of days waiting for her tapir to be healed and been out of action. Titans has an arbitrary system of time. Days or hours can pass depending on how much time we need to pass, and sleeping/eating is only done when needed for story purposes, and is otherwise assumed to happen and not be written about.

    Besides those two things, I liked your post. :)
    Consider it for the entire time the villains have been in charge the city has been in lock down. Eight years. Players aren't allowed to go outside the playing field. The city is sufficiently large to allow a lot of variation. Just have it take a while, which should account for the passage of time handily.

    So yea, your character's attacks should be able to hurt the demons well.
    One problem: Jump City is blocked off since the villains took over, to contain the threat in one place. As long as they don't try to leave, they were allowed to rule it until ousted by the rebels. Nobody is allowed to leave the city.

    The healing chambers in the Med Bay should have been able to make the necessary healing. Maybe have it take a while to account for time?

    Second: Melee/contact attacks should be super effective on any form of demons, although lava would still try to burn substances that come in contact with it.
    It's never too late. Just read up on what's happened, explain what your character was doing, and join in on the action somehow. That takes care of that. Unlike most RPG games Titans doesn't have a running story (It's only a recommendation), and is very sandbox. People are allowed to have their characters go off and do their own thing. If you come back delta will come back too he said
    To clarify, posts only need to be 200-pages long, which is entirely doable. As an example, you can check out my post in the RPG Announcements thread.

    Regarding your feelings about the rules, they've been this way for awhile, it's nothing new. For those who prefer more fast-paced RPGs, there are many other places that offer such RP styles. SPPf is known for high-quality RPs, and we take pride in that. If you'd like to see any changes made to the rules here, you can always post in the Rules thread or Feedback and Suggestions thread with your ideas and opinions and we can have a broader discussion about it.
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