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  • Any chance you might reply to Unity of Universe? So far me and Samantha are the only ones playing.
    That's fine. We simply card gun him away then. Sorry, didn't realize you'd be that opposed, should have asked you first.
    To remove him from the equation. While we could use the card gun, it wouldn't be as permanent. The rest of the villains could somehow find the gun as well, and from this, return Moth and Gizmo to normal.
    Good to hear.

    Kill him of course. How many times has the villain escaped later because he wasn't finished off? I'm not taking that chance, so killing him would be the best bet, no?
    Hello MugoUrth, how have you been? If you're still interested in Titans, I have a plan for us to go and find Gizmo, and try to take him out.
    I don't think it was whether it was a real word or not, you essentially called a game that everyone was defending, retarded.

    That's where the "Glorified" came from. I suppose it has more adventure elements to it though.
    I did sad " golifed platformer." It also has elements of other things but if you don't like platformers, then you won't like the game.

    Also I wasn't the one defending EB in that thread. If you only posted that you don't like EB because you think it's a shallow RPG with corny humor you probably would have been fine. But instead you called it "retardedly random" without giving reason. That just pissed people off and you lost from there.
    No, not fixed. I simply won't like it. What you're saying is basically like telling me that since I don't like sport games, I may like the next one that comes out. When in actually, I don't like sports game and never will. This is why the people argue with you in OVGD. You try to tell people what to do/should do. You can't use that in a argument, or at least that type of example. If I say won't cross a busy street, don't tell me that I "probably" won't. I simply won't. Telling people otherwise makes them upset.

    Also like I said, you can gist the most games through reviews and gameplay videos. That should be enough to form a solid opinion on it. With a little more research, you can debate it. Of course there a some games that you can't really debate because they have so much depth that it can't be shown in one video. Like Pokemon with it's EV system, or . Mario on the other hand in just jumping through platform based levels for the most part, you don't have to play to know that. Skylanders is bascially a golifed platformer, some people like it, others don't.
    That's the thing though. People shouldn't have to shell out money to buy/rent to decide that they don't like it. Look at reviews/gamplay videos should be enough to form an opinion on it. I know I wouldn't like the next Call of Duty game to come. I don't need to play it to that it sucks.
    I suppose. Just know that just because to played, and defend it doesn't mean your going going to change anyone's opinion about it. Contrary to what most haters say, there is more to dislike about the game than "DLC" or "Spyro's Design". Things like random monster designs, and the specific gameplay style of the game turns a lot of people off. They really don't need to play it to know they won't like it.
    That's good to hear you got it for th reduced price. I personally would have preferred the top-down shooter to the plateformer/dungeon crawler fusion that is the mobile. It's fun for a bit, but you can't explore all that much. Once you reach a certain point, this head thing chases you, and you have two minutes to out run it for the exit. I got the Dark Spyro toy that came with the moble version, and he's fun. I really like the robot dragon, he just has a brilliant design. The cute design is more to appeal to kids I think, they wouldn't want to pick up little figures that looked less so. I'm glad you enjoy it, it's a fun game in its own right.
    Hmm...it's a hard choice. I would say play it safe with the Pawn Shop. It's better to use that little extra money if it means you have a certain chance to get it.
    Exactly. Considering the cost of most standard 360 games as well, and the fact that it comes with unique hardware with three free figures, it's a bit of a less cost than what you would normally pay for. I personally have the 3DS version, and it's okay, kinda fun, but the level designs aren't too good. Supposedly the console versions have a bit better design, but better to play it first before judgement
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