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  • No, I said it being retardaly random isn't a reason to not like a game.
    You can get figures anywhere at this rate, but for cheap, it's a bit hard in terms of cheap. The game comes with, whether you like it or not,with three figures already
    JB and the people
    Um, what? Don't group me with the Earthbound fanbase, I never said I liked the game. Almost no one did actually. The only thing I like about it is the music so please stop falsely grouping people in your made up groups.
    Heya. I noticed you mentioned defending Skylanders once in your comments. To be honest, you're the first person I've met that has defended it. Why do you not hate it, like a large section of people?
    I look at it from the point of view of a ff13 fan, I love the game for plenty of good reasons and people hate it for really no logical reason. I usually am the same way when defending the franchise. That said ff13 > earthbound in everyway so i guess its not a very good comparison.
    You do realize that the references that you are stating are extremely dated and since then the writing staff and subsequently, the writing of the show has been vastly different since then. For the very same reasons you list why Ash has won a battle, he has also lost. And also, Pokemon is inconsistently written like every other mainstream anime. Characters are sometimes only as strong as the plot demands and are not always written the same. Just because Ash won a battle he should have lost, doesn't mean it is a definitive indicator of his current strength, as there are always circumstances to what happens in battles. And also, A "Gary-Stu" is not what Ash would qualify as. He doesn't win every battle with little to no trouble, he doesn't have ridiculously overpowered Pokemon that make everyone else's insignificant, and he doesn't have "little to no flaws". Ash is not the perfect insert character that the term "Gary-Stu" is applied to. A Gary-Stu is what I have listed above, a character that is written to where they can't fail at anything and are always made to be the winner for the convience of plot and never have any problems to deal with. Just because the writing staff doesn't push it to the forefront like a show like Naruto does, doesn't mean those flaws aren't there.
    Against my better judgement I'm going to ask a few questions. 1. Why are you responding to a post to a thread that was already closed? 2. Do you actually know what a "Gary-Stu" is and you're not just using it as a means of complaining about a character you don't like? 3. Why waste my time and yours still talking about this? And 4. By the end of this, was it really worth posting a message on my wall and not pm'ing instead?
    I know you haven't, I think it'll be a while before anyone posts again at this rate. That's good to hear you're well
    Calm down butterball. You clearly have a habit of hating Mario games and not explaining why. Most people who hate Spyro and Sonic can at least explain why outside of "he a bland character". You keep comparinf anthro's to humans and such so do you think people will think?
    I didn't get a notification for the post for some reason...

    The you don't like good games.

    Why would you rather have something bad, rather than neutral?

    No, Flash and also have the same personality. Goku isn't cocky, at all and just likes to challenge himself. Sonic thinks he can take on the world. And it's funny you say that last part yet continue to bash even the best Mario games. Characters don't make the game, the gameplay does. Which has been shitty in recent Sonic games. Is this so hard to understand.
    I have no idea how anyone could have hated SMS. I'd rather have a game that plays "by-the-number", than try something new only to fail every time. And while there might not be much to like about Mario personally wise, there isn't much to hate either. He isn't annoying or anything because he almost always quiet, unlike Sonic who never shuts the hell up. Sonic isn't exactly original, he's the hedgehog version of the Flash(DC character). That "unique style" is what is annoying about him. It's fine to like the series, but don't try to defend bad games and expect no one to say anything about it.
    Mario doesn't really have any bad game. Mario has a solid playstyle that works, platforming. Even if the game isn't as good a SM64 or Sunshine, the games are still solid and playable due to it's playstyle. Sonic on the other had keeps switching gimmicks, that the games are designed in a very poor way. He's an uninteresting character trying to be cool. The games continually suck so he gets more flak than Mario. Even if Mario games aren't as good as they used to be, they still aren't bad. Unlike Sonic games.
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