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  • Poland too? Wow, I guess I have to give the dollar more credit then (pun intended).

    I hated moving around as a kid. Once I finally got settled in one place, we ended up moving to another. I've lived in 5 different states and a few countries. Once you get to the point in your life where you want to start a family, remember that they're affected by it just as much, if not more than you are.
    That's a first. It Leah's seems like our dollar pales in comparison to other countries.

    Sounds fun over there. Still, I'd be kinda upset if my dad all of a sudden gets stationed somewhere else. I like it where I'm at now, even if there are better places to live in.
    Well that sucks. It's always good to have a back up. Is the Czech Republic any good?

    US? Or European? That might be true. Moderation is always key when it comes to that kind of stuff.

    It is, but totally worth it. like Ive been saying like every time XD.

    You military? Most people dont say "stationed." I honestly dont see how thats a bad thing as long as youre having fun and being responsible. Its better than nothing, right?
    Wow. RIP GCT ;-;

    Oh, so youre going to France for this? Thats cool. I havent been to France since I was about a year old. The first time is the hardest, at least thats what the instructor told me (I took a beginner's class so I would at least know what I was doing). When I came back, literally my entire body was covered in bruises. It was painful, but well worth it. I might be going again in a few weeks.

    So you live in Germany? Whats that like?
    Im sorry, but its a flat out stupid move if you send out a blissey against a Lucario let alone mega. I don't care if its a physical or special set, that's just a big no.
    Most prediction is tough to begin with, the reason why its "difficult" because the same sets are mostly used in comp play. Not only that, but his special set isn't even that good. They are more than likely be physical
    Of course its one of the most versatile pokemon out there, and more powerful (basically life orbed Lucario w/ extra speed) but isn't that the part of the game to outpredict the opponent to win?
    You have muh fuggin moose who has muh fuggin juice and what appears to be muh fuggin goose
    I know you were talking about why they don't have MEs for ALL Pokemon, but you took the fact that we don't have 3D models for all trainers as the hint (the 'why') that Game Freak must be limited to a maximum of 28 Megas this gen. I don't even consider having trainer 3D models as a pre-requisite for adding Megas. It's like how Game Freak could probably finish adding evolutions for every single stage non-legendary but they never had the intention to, and instead constantly add more single stages for every new generation to leave things open. Likewise for Megas, even if Game Freak accelerates the process a little such that we can eventually have Megas for every Pokemon over the next few generations, they won't do it. Whether we get 3D NPC trainers is a mutually exclusive issue altogether.

    As for how Megas would exclude the addition of Cross-Gen Pokes later down the line, that's anyone's guess. Megas aren't permanent upgrades, and there's always a small chance that cross-gens can still be added as a branch from Mega. If not, I guess some unfortunate critters with unimpressive megas probably have their fates sealed.
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