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  • check the last page of my trade shop. yours hasnt been approved yet so we havnt decided on a trade, but what you wanted is listed there in mine
    Do you do trading? I saw your FC in your profile. I have several things to trade, including all Eeveelutions except the Sinnoh exclusives. I need: Snubbull, Mankey, Spinarak, basically the Heart Gold exclusives. Snubbull isn't exclusive, but it's got a 1% encounter rate until you get swarms...
    you posted in my shop almost a week ago, and told me to check your thread for a trade, however it is still not approved. If you could send me a list perhaps of pokemon you hvae that i may be interested in then we can hopefully work out a trade
    The regions are just divisions so leadership is spread out, but no division is better then another, all equal, als ranks just show... reabks i suppose, how many points youve earned by helpong the clan. jobs, artist, u make banners and stuff for other members, breeder, u breed pokemon, trainer u trin pokemon tutot, u get the idea, hope this helps
    i ordered it online and it came here and it was about 36 dollars and i dont really want to reveal me exact location
    Hoenn, Triangle, It's brand new and we need some members, its just for people to meet friends, learn more competetive battling things, battle other people and show of skills, have a look at it
    A few days at most usually. Anyways, I assume you are asking because you submitted one... someone else disapproved your first and your current one is lacking in 10 specific requests (looking for) listed. (If you want to try again I can PM you your current post though, just say so and remember to add in more specifics for the looking for part).
    To be honest, idk it took about 3 days for mine, but it wont get approved unless you have some art in there, so some user bars, or banners, or even pokemon sprites. im not sure which mod approved it, my clan took about 2 weeks to be approved because i had to make so many changes, probably the same thing for your trade shop, hope i helped :)
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