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  • Thats perfectly fine, after all we all have different criteria on what is interesting and what isnt. To you constant temper tantrums happening on very frequent basis and slapstick humor when Misty smacked people heads was most " interesting" characteristic about her and i respect that. Though personally i enjoyed in other sides of her just as much like girly side, passionate love for hobbies and dreams, hotheaded side, tendency to tease, sassy attitude(shouldnt be mixed with temper because being explosive and snarky arent same thing) of her when being grumpy and strongwilled taking charge of things on her own or fact that she was outspoken while also showing that she can be very caring and compassionate too being one of character qualities.

    Which was explored more through end of Kanto, OI, Johto or afterwards. Still showing temper, but in kinda more balanced way resorting to arguing and arrogance rather than trying to hit you with log and what not, making her feel more colorful and dimensional in interacting imo gaining bigger substanc. Thats why i guess i liked her just as equal like it was case in first half of Kanto, because while explosive side was still present Misty showed to have much more to her personality bringing extra depth and realism to character.
    As people in real life change and grow up, fictional characters should develop too to prevent stagnating turning in one trick pony. Just like May or Ash maturity added new dimension to characters changing for better, same can be said for Misty too at least to me with development making it feel that she is getting somewhere not being in any way worse because of it.

    So to me Misty remained just as great in more grown up, experienced kinda way gaining new traits enriching on characterization while retaining things which defined her and made great in first place like flare, comedy, spunk and quirky, curious nature.
    While she should have gotten more focus in a way i felt as time went on Misty gained more dimensions and depth to character along temper of her which is still present, but simply casnalizing her anger and irkness in less violent way(like hitting others unless eally provoked getting berserk like Hanson or snubs like Andreas managed to do putting her in frenzy state)., Making her more eventful and even better thanks to this imo,l just like fine wine gets better with time. No pun intended hahaha.
    Haha dont be so sure my friend, we have very huge competition around here wiuth quite a few people being massive Misty fans. :p

    Way i se it after gettng Togepi its not so much that Misty was subdued, but more that she went through maturity and growth as person.
    Togepi in a way along with presence of two most important persons in her life at that time(Ash and Brock) served as one of steps toward her maturing and becoming more independent.
    Helping in other sides of her personality aside from temper being explored and come on surface more:like passionate love for water types and great dedication toward things she likes, sarcasm and playful cynical side,more of her girly side came to expression along with stubborn and determined attitude .
    Serving as vector of Misty growing from impatient, and insecure kinda resentful girl in more levelheaded and filled with selfrespect person realizing her own qualities and emerging from other people shadow(like sisters) over time, while retaining her flare, spunk and playful traits which added more layers and depth to character.

    Lack of screen time at times in Johto is something else, thoiugh in first 2 seasons and 5th season accompanied with third Misty received pretty good focus given this was when writers were still new and inexperienced in several things. Accompanied with chronicles and Hoenn(from what was showed)still being highly enjoyable and full of comedy, sass, hotheadedness and emotion in chronicles and Hoenn enjoying in her crazy interactions with Tracey, Daisy or Ash, Brock causing Max to admire her). With added dose of more experience and tough, confident nature liking to take charge of things on her own instead on relying on others(that badass side with Gyarados was especially memorable for me).
    No offense mate, but i actually think Misty was at her very best in Kanto, Orange islands, Master Quest and chronicles/AG cameos. In more grown up manner being just as interesting and even more dimensional thanks to growth deepening her characterization feeling like she went forward(at least to me lol).
    Hey. I was just wondering if you're going to host the Anime Discussion Awards this year. Last year's thread was amazing. :3
    Please tell me you have HG/SS or a 4th Gen game that you still battle on?

    Hey, man. The Meowth you put in your rankings in "Serebii's most popular human and Pokemon character" is Team Rocket's Meowth right? I am guessing it is but I am just making sure because I notice some people put Tyson's Meowth and I am making sure you meant Team Rocket's Meowth! Thanks! :)
    I could see it happening. FireRed never got Wi-Fi. I'm hoping that by the 6th Generation, maybe 7th at most, all games from Gen 4 onward will be able to trade/battle/connect. Once they create a Pokemon MMORG that runs really well and has the classic gameplay but with co-op integration, I'll be set.
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