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  • Can't wait! Hopefully promotional Wi-Fi giveaway's will be abundant. I'm still bitter because I missed the 2010 Mew giveaway for SoulSilver/HeartGold. I've been wanting one since the first movie haha.
    I agree. A lot of people mistake favoring the original as a case of over-nostalgia. The original movies, anime, and games were the best to me. That's why I love FireRed and SoulSilver. It's basically the original, just updated for current day graphics and Wi-Fi.
    Will do. I've been around Pokemon for as long as it has existed, but obviously only recently came to this site. Anything from Gen 4&5 (Not named Soulsilver/HeartGold) I'm a little hazy on though. But I'll pick up on it by Black and White 2. Which game do you primarily play?
    lol absolutely. This site is awesome though. Reminds me of a lot from when I was little. Now I understand everything and it's like a whole new world. Gotta love Pokemon.
    The first season had such a unique feel to it and in my opinion, it was definitely the most entertaining. Do you like the newer seasons by any chance?
    Yeah, I could tell you're a Misty fan and don't worry about it because I agree with you. Maybe it wasn't right after she got Togepi though that she started to become less entertaining though. But definitely in Johto, you could tell it was a bit of a difference. I personally think Kanto is where all of the characters were at their most entertaining. Ash, Misty, Brock and the TRio were the most entertaining in the Kanto arc for sure. And I agree what you were saying to Pokefan about you appreciating Misty's development but you missed her old personality. When you watch Pokemon, you want these characters to entertain you and make you laugh and Misty lost some of that after Kanto.
    You're right that I could have messaged people but I felt writing it on the forum would atleast let everyone who posts there know. Better to have 5-6 posts than have over 40 which would have happened if I didn't say anything. I remember one thread that wasn't even supposed to about Misty went on to have over several pages about her and got closed down. In fact, there are a few threads like that. I wasn't attacking you when I made that post. You were right in stating that you thought Misty lost her appeal. I want you to say those things but I don't want it to lead into a whole debate which the same people always seem to start (not you of course).
    Dude, I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I've seen where discussion about Misty could lead over the years. Many threads got closed down because of this. I was just trying to warn people to stay on topic, not leading to more senseless posts.
    :) i have been here since late 2007 but only decided to sign up at the end of 2009 LOL

    you're only 2 year's younger then me though
    Oh.. but I didn't mean that I just wanted to be friends.. since there are few people on the forums who don't share the same interests as me.. and you're 16 right? so you made an account when you were 9/10?
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