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Recent content by munchlaxboy

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    Showdown at the Shalour Gym! (847)

    Showdown at the Shalour Gym! started out more like a dance-off, but it figured itself out into an alright battle. The whole "rhythmic dancing" battle style was doomed to fail, and good thing too because it was getting annoying hearing the characters say "rhythmic battling style" for the...
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    Origins of Mega Evolution! (846)

    Origins of Mega Evolution! feels less like a standalone episode and more like a bridge to the next installment. By no means a bad episode, we see our heroes reach Shalour City, meet up with Korrina and her grandfather again, learn about how Mega Evolution began, and are left hanging with Ash and...
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    "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", starting November 17th

    I think it's a very fair assumption. Going to school? The kid's coming off a second-place finish in one of the biggest Pokemon tournaments in the world and he's going to back to school? I think I was gonna be disappointed regardless of a reset or not just based on the notion that it would...
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    "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", starting November 17th

    Given that this a whole new sort of direction for the show, I think almost all of this would've been completely fine with this if they had just replaced Ash. The guy's been battling Pokemon for 20 years now--he's gone through character development hell and back again, but they're gonna push the...
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    Battling Into the Hall of Fame! (845)

    Camp comes to a close as Team Froakie and Team Squirtle duke it out in a team battle to determine who gets into the Hall of Fame. This one got a bit jumbled. Team Rocket steals some Pokemon, there's a team battle, Tierno teaches Ash some dances moves...it lacks focus. The Team Rocket plot is...
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    Foggy Pokémon Orienteering! (844)

    True--it's not exactly the most reliable source out there. But it's pretty much the most reliable source for a wide array of Pokemon knowledge for what that's worth.
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    Foggy Pokémon Orienteering! (844)

    Summer camp continues as Ash & Co. participate in yet another event on their quest to make it into the Summer Camp Hall of Fame. The campers are tasked with navigating the area in a Pokemon Orienteering competition. It's a dead heat between Team Froakie (Ash & Co.) and Team Squirtle (Tierno...
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    In which saga did you like Ash the best and why ?

    Those kind of moments were what made Kanto Ash so great. He had a personality! He was spontaneous! He wasn't the generic anime hero he's been made into in XY. He still shared the same passion, determination, and love for his Pokemon like every incarnation of Ash, but--like what you would expect...
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    Do the 'English Dub' 2005-Present voice actor still bother you?

    It wouldn't be a problem if the new voice actors weren't certifiably awful. Sarah Natochenny is just not a good voice actress--her Ash sounds so vanilla and dull. James sounds like he has a pinecone up his nose. Mouth and Jessie are alright I suppose, but what really ruined Team Rocket as a...
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    In which saga did you like Ash the best and why ?

    Has a lot to do with Kanto Ash not being on the TV screen for 16 years. I bet over half this board wasn't even alive when Ash was in Kanto haha
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    In which saga did you like Ash the best and why ?

    Kanto Ash was great because he was a flawed hero. He had his imperfections; he was cocky, hasty, and headstrong. These characteristics were contrasted by his passion, courage, and unparalleled love for his Pokemon. His character actually had depth and he definitely matured over the course of the...
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    Day Three Blockbusters! (843)

    Sheesh, that Shauna sure is spunky! Day Three Blockbusters is the second installment of the Pokemon Summer Camp arc, marking the start of the scorekeeping as each team views for a chance at the Summer Camp Hall of Fame. Given the task of making a PokeVision video, Serena aims for the top but...
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    Summer of Discovery! (842)

    Summer of Discovery! serves as the setup for a mini-arc in which Ash & Co. take part in a summer camp run by Professor Sycamore. Meeting new friends Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor, the two friend groups are designated to different teams and are poised to discover more about themselves and their...
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    Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (M17)

    Haha, I remembered that you had told me that more than six months ago and you were right on the money! Just a totally terrible ending. Not satisfying or sensical in the least.
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    Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (M17)

    Previously, on January 29th, I had ordered this movie on DVD and promised to review it in accordance with my Pokemon XY Saga watch-through. Six months later, I have finally watched the full, uncut version of the film. Yeah, kinda took me a while. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction is a messy...