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  • Hit the picture right about ^ there, in your comment.
    (Just copy this and then you know, look.)
    It should put this out
    It's coming along well. All thats left is the hot water heater. I still want those eevees but i packed all my video game stuff up once i get settled ill pull it back out and we can trade sorry about the wait.
    Oh yea, I saw some of Death Note. I read the manga and watched the anime up until
    After that, I really didn't want to continue it. On a side note, someone here on Serebii spoiled the ending for me, so now I'm even less inclined to finish it.
    Great, glad I could introduce you to a new anime. :)

    I haven't heard from him in about a week, but that's probably because I haven't responded to him in a while. I just did, though, so I'll tell you if he responds later.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. =) It's a very long anime in case you didn't notice: I think there are more than 600 episodes by now. I'm at ep. 45, and it hasn't gotten boring at all. In fact, it's only getting better over time!
    I hope you enjoy it! It's usually a murder case, so I always try to figure out the murderer before the main character does. It makes it more fun for me. ^_^
    I played Brawl with some friends earlier today. It was pretty fun; I wish we would do it more often.

    Oh, and about Detective Conan: If you have any interest in detectives (and even if you don't), I'd recommend trying it. It has quickly become one of my favorite anime. It's probably not really similar to the ones you posted, though.
    The only anime I've seen out of those was .Hack, and I don't even know if that's the one I saw. It was a movie, and I was barely paying attention (With friends at the time).

    I really like Detective Conan myself. Have you seen any of it?
    A variety of things really, most of it involving drawing or gaming XD I honestly don't lead the most exciting life... You?
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