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Murder Doll
Last Activity:
Jan 15, 2019
Nov 1, 2013
Likes Received:
Swagikarp Village

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Murder Doll

Button Presser, from Swagikarp Village

Murder Doll was last seen:
Jan 15, 2019
    1. BubChan
      Good, i thank you
    2. BubChan
      I can smell you
    3. Dragalge
      Hey Murder Doll congratulations for winning second place on the Bedrock Final competition! Here's your cool reward!

      Second Place Murder Doll= The Teachers Pet You are given the ability that for two pages, you can have your attacks tallied as though they are from the next raise in the max tally. And you will be immune to -0 during this time. You can use this ability three times.
    4. AwesomeGrovyle
      Making people cry is my thing.
    5. Nitocrys
      uh huh sure

      Technically he wasted a little fire energy cuz I protected x[

      Also "burned through a little fire energy" is a pretty nice pun u got there
    6. AwesomeGrovyle
      Maybe you're ****. B)
    7. Nitocrys
      There. Are you happy with what madness you have unleashed?
    8. Nitocrys
      omg i'm sorry gosh ;-;

      I planned to, but it just didn't happen. I'll get to it.
    9. AwesomeGrovyle
      Because coffee tastes like ****.
    10. AwesomeGrovyle
      Yes. Drink tea instead of coffee. >:)
    11. Lucario188
      Hey Zelphy, are you going to ref my match with Slash? We've been waiting over two weeks.
    12. AwesomeGrovyle
      You know it's true man. Don't deny it.
    13. AwesomeGrovyle
      Tea's still bettee than coffee.
    14. AwesomeGrovyle
      1 too many pokepuns.
    15. AwesomeGrovyle
      Banned for being a person I should probably talk to more often
      Wynaut start now?
    16. Nitocrys
      Personally I would have beaten up the dog, but yeah, I get you.

      And k, didn't know that. thanks, I'll get to ordering sometime today.
    17. Sohryu
      The Grand Sohryu never dies!

      Was on hiatus again, because... Problems lol. But I'm like, totally back! AT FULL POWER! ROCK & ROLL AND SEX AND MURDER!

      How're you doing, bro?

      I own you an icon btw... I'm a bad man.
    18. Nitocrys
      Like 2 quick questions:

      Since Zangoose really has nothing to fear from Bagon size wise, as seen here: http://veekun.com/dex/gadgets/compare_pokemon?pokemon=Zangoose&pokemon=Bagon , why did roar completely cancel me from moving? Like I'd assume it'd have been a partial scare, but not enough to completely cancel out my Taunt. I mean your call, but it just seems off that something not even 2 foot would scare a 4'3 enough to completely stop it.
      And Second, is Bagon just in final 4th, or barely outside of it?
    19. RapidashRocks524
      Hello! Sorry I haven't been active recently... I just didn't have much of an interest to go on Serebii.
    20. kisspower12
      nah you dont know me. I just always saw ya around the forum. When I finally had the chance to contact you, you already hit the banwaggon
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  • About

    Swagikarp Village
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    4081 5758 9635
    Hello person reading this.

    I'm not as active on this site as I once was but you'll probably catch me posting in either the PASBL section (its super cool and you should check it out) and the games section of the forum.

    Despite a lack of activity I do frequent this place often so if you wish to chat feel free to leave a message.

    PS: Most people call me Zelphy due to a previous Username I had on this site and one I currently have over on another forum so feel free to do the same.

    Jokes, Reading fiction, Movies, PASB, Pokemon (duh), ect.


    To lack fear is stupidity, to face it is bravery.​