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Recent content by Murder Doll

  1. Murder Doll

    Destroy the Block of Bedrock: Newest Rock On the Block

    I give the bedrock an existential crisis.
  2. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Cool let's aim for 8-9 your time, DM me your friend code and I'll add you earliest I can.
  3. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Actually when would a good time be for you? It may be easier if we both have an idea when the other is a available
  4. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Err I can usually be available from 5 PM till 9PM on weekdays...
  5. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Should be available 5-9 PM MST today, between 11 AM and 2 PM on Saturday or 3-9 PM on Sunday.
  6. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Yes! Are you interested in a trade?
  7. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Looking for a Ditto with 0 IVs in Speed for the purpose of breeding for Trick Room teams. I have a variety of 4 IV Ditto as well as a 5 IV one only missing Special Defense. Additionally I have a Shiny Pancham available for a particularly good 0 Speed IV Ditto
  8. Murder Doll


    LF: Ditto with 0 Speed IVs FT: various 4 IV Ditto or a shiny Panchem if the ditto is particularly good.
  9. Murder Doll

    Count to 60 Before A Mod or Co-Owner Posts

    41 Boosh, boosh.
  10. Murder Doll

    General Chat Thread - Come to #spp-misc on Discord! https://discord.gg/3u9nKEa

    This place is a lot less active then I remember, has the modly crew + Persian moved on to greener pastures?
  11. Murder Doll

    You're Banned

    Banned for liking your waifu to much
  12. Murder Doll

    softly don't

    softly don't
  13. Murder Doll

    predict the next poster

    Nope Dragalge
  14. Murder Doll

    predict the next poster

    nope Sketchie?