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  • Hey, sneaselh? Remember pokemasters? Hope you've been well Hannah! Thanks for all the fun PM chats back when we were still naive kids still unaware that this stuff would survive beyond the Game Boy.
    That's cool about Cresselia! xD

    It would be epic if you used a shiny one at some point <3

    I like Pink Pokemon -_- haha.

    Re da birds. That's cool. Lots of bird Pokemon have epic designs.
    My poor Dragons are begging to be sent back to Old Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova mwahaha.
    You could always try the legendary birds.
    Those are some epic Pokemon.
    Staraptor? perhaps? Idk it's up to you.
    Either way. I'm pumped to see what you bring.

    Mono teams can be devastating when played right.
    Can I ask why bird Pokemon?
    I have a thing for Dragons. Pity it's not gens 4/5 cos they arn't so good anymore

    Will you use Murkrow? ;)
    The crunch of my DS was just.
    It was like someone had driven a bus over it.
    No i'm not that heavy -_- hah! ......

    LOL! Well we could do an all uber mach. Then you could use Ho-Oh but do you have any other bird Ubers? idk actually. Lugia is kinda...

    Try the battle spot out. You can either get fully EV trained Iv bred teams or Uber users who think "MEWTWO = Victory"
    It's so fun when they Psychic a Tyranitar ;)
    I shouldn't criticise haha. We were all learners once.

    Bring Talonflame if you like xD. We all have counters for it tho :p
    Excellent! Hopefully you come and blow us all away?
    Terrible pun -_-
    Noooo, don't worry about earlier :)
    You did say training or something so no worries :)
    Well the first DS console that I played on XY. The night before ORAS came out. I dropped it in the dark in my room. Moved out of the way to avoid stepping on it.....
    I stepped on it and there was a nasty crunch as I did. I was wearing shoes you see.....
    Then the 2DS Groudon one I got I dropped it on the floor and now a bit of the back is all crooked o_O
    FFS :/

    Don't feel bad about loosing multis. No-one wins all the time. Sometimes you learn more from losses then wins. Cliche I know -_-
    If you partner with any of us then we could make a team around supporting and protecting bird Pokemon. I love mono type teams. It adds more fun then just seeing TalonFlame/Garchomp/Greninja/Mega Khanga on every team.
    TaylorJP on here likes Mono teams. He's made mono fairy/ghost/normal teams. He's taking a break from battles till Christmas day. But after that i'm sure he'd be happy to give you tips on a mono bird team :)
    A general rule among us tho is no "Uber" pokemon. So like Arceus, Kyogre, Giratina, Mewtwo etc. Other then that use any mons you like.
    Azu likes NU mons a lot. So his teams are always diverse. I tend to prefer OU/UU with an NU here and there (Glaceon♥)

    But yeah. It's inevitable tbh. The partner thing. Some battles you end up carrying your partner or getting carried by them. It's happened to all of us. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes you get ganged up on by the opposing team and there's very little you can do. Just the nature of the game.
    We're all a friendly bunch and won't hold any losses against you :)

    Just breeding a whole slew of mons to use in multi battles atm. :)
    Well erm. When your on PSS there is a "battle" option.
    Multi battles are between 4 people. You all use 3 pokemon each. and get paired up together.
    So in all it's a full team of 6v6 but each person can only control their 3 mons :)
    It's amazing cos if you team up with a certain person more then once you get to know their play style and adjust your team to them. Vice versa too.
    Though it can be tough because if your paired with a random person you've never met then you have no idea how they play or react to certain threats. Partners can often be their own downfall. The best advice (Not that i'm qualified to give it :p) is just play sensibly. Don't take too long using set up moves. Always try and cover your partners weakness.
    It really is fun and it's so different to any other type of Pokemon battle. Some battles I've only won because my partner had been epic. Other battles I've carried my partner and won for us.
    If you want to battle your more then welcome to join our group. We're on every evening and always looking for new people. Ask Azulart on here. He's the master of multi battles. Seriously he's tough. He'd be happy to help :).

    Oh on DS smashing. It's expensive no? I've smashed a few DS's in my time (Unintentionally -_-)

    Sorry for rambling haha
    I do. I like it. Battle most evenings. Get my butt kicked alot but it's all fun
    I tend to battle in "multi" battles with other people on here.
    Met some amazing people. Including one really amazing person.

    Bahaha! You let that console know who's boss ;)
    Thanks so much.
    It's just trying to get everything back is a pain hah.
    Lost a lot of drive too, you know?
    We'll catch eachother tomorrow :)
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