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  • I noticed in the club you talking about looking for a spare Master Ball?

    Well, if you don't mind cloned items, I have a ton of spare Master Balls among my 4th Gen games, and I wouldn't mind trading you one over Wi-Fi.
    I never used to like shiny Lugia, but for some reason he's starting to appeal to me, so I might dual SR both Ho-oh and Lugia at the same time until one of them shines. xD

    It'd be neat if Ho-oh shone early for ya. : D They have such pretty colours. And yes, I'm definitely set on hunting Lapras now; I was unsure when I did that post, but now I'm certain that I'll be hunting it 'till it shines.
    Yes, because lying to people will really help. If somebody (either Pingouin or other) does do that then hopefully they'd have the guts to actually admit it.
    I'm glad that you share that view. I found a shiny Numel on a rom hack which I still have with me right now, and I admit straight out that I found her on one, even though it isn't necessary (due to her stats looking normal after migration).

    You hunting anything in particular right now? How are they going? :3
    How many birds do you have? :D
    Sorry, I just love them and can't wait to move out and fill my house with them~
    I've only got one, but should be buying another next week; (S)he's a beautiful little white budgie called Berlin. Should be buying another budgie to keep him company, or perhaps a Green Parrot, or Lorikeet, or other small Parrot to keep me company.. <3

    Shiny Ho-oh is verrry pretty ^^
    Ooh, my day was good; wasting time on GPX+ & browsing the city for a bird I want.. x3
    About to play Pokémon for the first time in AGES - feel like shiny hunting, can you recommend any simple hunt for me? Probably chain for a bird of some sort ...I swear I don't only think about birds, it just happens to be a recourring topic in this message ! xD

    fwoa. Sorry for randomly contacting you and forcing you into a conversation, too. ^^;

    we joined the SPC one post after each other waaaaay back when, but I never really succeed and you, well you did ! ^o^

    anyway. Congrats on all your shinies, especially your birds; I adore birds, and bird pokémon.

    How are you ? :3
    Hehe, sounds like my lucky day just 2 days ago. >3 I chained 3 shiny Togepis while getting to a chain of 60, and then I grabbed a male and a female shiny Ralts. <33
    Congratulations on the shiny Spearows!! =3 I love shiny Spearows, their colours are just, WOW. <3

    I'm taking a break from my electric hunt. :/ I feel like I'm wasting them, like the Shinxes and Voltorb, I'm not really gonna wind up training them and stuff. D:
    Oh, wow!!! Damn, I wish I could have the patience to SR a shiny bird. :/ I tried for Moltres once, and after about a week I gave up. I gave up on Regice after 3 or so weeks.

    How long did he take you? I'm planning on SRing for a bird when I get that far on leaf Green *just found it again! YAY. I lost it last week >D*, and what one do you think I should SR for? *Moltres seems to be the only one with a decent difference*

    Also, is that Lucemon on your avvy? :3 *love love LOVES Digimon*
    Cool!! =3 Thanks very much! <33

    Oh, gotten any new birds yet? :3 I managed to get 2 Pichus which I evolved one to a Raichu. Just one more to complete that group.
    It's nice to see another person who sees Lugia as more of a dragon. ^^;;

    Hehe, I'm sorta wanting to do something slightly similar to what you're doing, is that okay? The only chains of 40 I seem to get are for Electric types *Static*, and I was planning on getting every chainable Electric type. Am I alright doing something similar? :3

    Hope another bird shines for you. <3 I love bird Pokemon. n.n
    I love how you're hunting for all of the shiny Bird Pokemon. ^__^ It'll feel amazing when you get them all, eh?

    What about Ho-oh, though? Don't you have it there because you didn't get an event? *meh, we never get those events here in NZ*

    Good luck on your hunts! =3
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