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  • Doesn't everyone love my ability to just not answer someone? Yes. Yes they do.
    Yeah, the nostalgia will be good in some way. I'm more excited, though, to see how they adapt and change it. That'll be the interesting part.

    Generation 5 is very likely. Not certain, but incredibly likely to happen. As for it being DSi exclusive, that won't happen. It's the same system. It'll be almost impossible to prevent it working on an ordinary DS system if that were to be the case. We're very likely to see it on another handheld.
    Anyway, I'll leave you to your business. Monkeys.
    I'm fine, thanks. I am excited about these remakes more than I've been out D/P, so that means something, I suppose. Wonder what other changes they've made. It'll be interesting to find out.
    Hello again. Just came round to see how you're doing. Anyway, you seem ok, so I'll be off now. This is Demon... ok, different conclusion............ pudding for all! (much better ending)
    Thanks for the friend request and comments. Sorry for responding so late. Had a very busy day, and it isn't over yet, believe you me. Heres to hoping you understand. Anyway, I'd best be off now. Thanks again and hope to see you soon again on the forums. This is DemonLabRat signing off and giving that same old idiotic ending for the hundredth time. (I really need to think of something new.) See you later.
    Sorry that couldn't respond to you earlier, yes, I shall try and get you your Adamant Totodile!
    Ah, the English are better than the Americans :p Most people think I am american, despite the abundance of the letter u on the site and the lack of superfluous z's when s's work so well :p

    Forgive the lateness of my reply.
    I like oblivion, the obvious (pkmn), mario games, zelda, battlefield 2, ect!
    generally games that are abit of a challenge, although with pokemon i think they need to make it alot harder!
    Just wondering if you fancied being friends...you seem like a decent person :) which makes a change on these forums!
    You play guitar too? how long have you been playing and what guitar do you have?
    I've been playing bass for a good 3 years now and i have a tobias pro 5 bass (toby).
    will be nice hearing from you!

    Kaasuti aka Mrsbassherself aka (realname) Kirsty...hehe
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