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  • I hate how everyone is constantly antagonizing me, as if I'm a demon seed who deserves a gruesome death.

    ...I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about Nido-Knight. Basically people like him thinks it is alright to be rude, mean, and sometimes borderline offensive to someone, as long as they use the "Oh ho ho, it's the internet. It's not to be taken seriously. Ho ho ho."

    ...Seriously, though. I'm a nice person if you're willing to get to know me rather than play along with bullies. ...You're probably wondering why I'm here. It's because I wanted to ask you about the Unpopular Games topic. I noticed quite a few people have commented on unpopular Sonic games, but all they got were people agreeing with him. But when I mention the series, in general, is unpopular, I get people telling me only to post about obscure games.
    Thank you for the comment also I see MugoUrth is being butt hurt below my comment I find it rather funny. Especially because he brings up thing I have never said to him.
    Why do you like people for being mean to others.

    Also, how many people SERIOUSLY wouldn't be offended by people telling them they screw animals, even as a joke? It makes it worse for me because I'm a furry, and furries are normally stereotyped with this.
    Zebrahead needs to be more known but I doubt that will happen since so many people prefer pop over punk.
    I just read your post on the rate a song game and I thought I was the only Zebrahead fan on the fourms... I am obsessed with them.
    Yeah... he is. No shock there, really. I should give him **** for it, but it doesn't seem like he'd listen or react in any way other than "meh whatever."
    I'm not sure I actually trust it, but considering I actually do have it (and a legit diagnosis, too!), I think I just try to look out for people who lie about it more, because it's actually quite offensive to me, one of the few things that outright offends me. Or even people who have legitimate diagnoses using it as a crutch.

    As far as faking it goes... it's not really that hard, by that method, I'd say, so I'm note sure I'm apt to call his skill in that area worth of the descriptor "amazing."
    You're probably better off NOT arguing with Ludwig. He just doesn't get it.

    I'm still waiting for him to lean on that Aspergers he says he has, though.
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