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Last Activity:
May 18, 2019
Jul 21, 2006
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March 28

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Boulder Trainer, Female

Musapion was last seen:
May 18, 2019
    1. Xylo
      Hey! I just stopped by to say that your signature is awesome. :')
    2. Celebi FanZ!
      Celebi FanZ!
      Hello! I love your sig! If anybody wants to add me as a friend, here is my FC: 1893-7566-1909.
    3. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      "Idiot ball" - I like that one, lololol. Lately, he hasn't been so bad, but I swear, if he drops again if there is another season after this (not sure though... this actually seems like a suitable ending point for the anime, though I doubt it will actually stop... o.e), I'm leaving the anime; because it does my head in. >.<

      I used to support Negai... but it got boring REAL quick. Though I best friend ship them, so that's ok~ xD Oh, Rocketshipping? I like that too. Even right back from the start, they've been awesomely cute together. I also like Contest, Peal and Ikari - my friend tried his best to convert me 100%, though there's still a soft spot for Ikari there~ ;)
    4. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      I'm so so SO sorry that I didn't reply for so long! I've been SO bogged down by course-work it's unreal. Sorry! ;~;

      It was the same with me, but now I actually despise it... they just, in my opinion, don't compliment each other well, and I know some people feel differently, but that's just how I personally feel about it. I strongly dislike the ship itself. ^^;

      Dento certainly is a strange one... but he's alright; better than this dumbie-version of Ash we have in this saga... though he's getting better again now. :)
    5. ~Demon Maxwell~
      ~Demon Maxwell~
      Hi - I noticed you were fairly new and thought I'd say hi. :)

      Are you a Wishfulshipper? ^-^
    6. Aria-Forme
      Yup! ^^ I'm sure you will everyone there is really nice trust me. :)

      No problem from one WS shipper to another am I right? ;D
    7. Aria-Forme
      No problem! :D I was new there around this time last year. xDD Not that it matters but still xD

      Thanks and the episode is from BW 10 at the Battle Club :P
    8. JennaJayfeather
      ^^ You're very welcome. :) I see! Well I can tell you weren't rusty. XD
    9. JennaJayfeather
      Haha hi there. x3 I'll say this again (off the thread) that I found your comic simply adorable. X3
    10. Aria-Forme
      Hello~ ^.^ Glad to have a new member on the WS thread!
    11. Ambri
      Thanks for checking out my art thread :D
    12. Burnt Flower
      Burnt Flower
      I know you reviewed my story - Welcome to the Internet - some months ago, but I haven't had the opportunity yet to thank you for that. I'm very glad you enjoyed my story and you spent the time to read and critique my fic. :)
    13. dawnfan101
      cool sig of yours.
    14. elyvorg
      I never got around to replying to your review for Maternal Instinct, did I?

      Seeing as it's probably a bit late to do so now, I'll just say here that it was an awesome review, so thanks a lot for taking the time to do that for me.

      Thanks also for the nomination. It's nice to see Maternal Instinct get some attention, even if I'm never going to win that particular award because purple_drake's one-shot was way better than mine. =D
    15. Faerie
      (Thank you, I like yours too. :D)

      Yeah...but I get the feeling it was somewhere specific. Maybe I was in the Rocketshipping thread for a while. I don't remember...
    16. Faerie
      Hi there. I feel like I've seen you on the forums before, but I can't place where...
    17. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      I have friended you! :DDD
    18. MasterCharizard15
      Hey Wlecome to the club!
      theirs a topic up already so...
    19. Meowth-Fan
      Aipom1234 wanted me to tell you that the rules for the contest are up in the Jessie Club.
    20. Sunfox
      I'd like a copy of that translated version of Love and Youth. Fan subs totally rock! :)

      Thanks :D
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