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Last Activity:
Oct 11, 2016
Nov 22, 2015
Likes Received:
Feb 22, 2000 (Age: 20)

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Fiery Destroyer! <3, 20, from INDIA

Musashi~ was last seen:
Oct 11, 2016
    1. Veens
      Hehe ^.^

      I will. It's gonna suck though, I just know it... I hate chick flicks.
    2. Veens
      Thank you, that means a lot to me.
      Hehe, what can I say, I really do hate fun.
    3. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      Sorry for just replying, my health is kind of "funny" again.
      Yes! It was hilarious! I love this new Jessie, she's more aggressive and looks more beautiful!
      Nah! I'm good, Ash is getting closer to the league, now I'm focusing on how much he will improve to don't display a depressing performance like during BW
      Thanks my friend, I'm doing the best to take care of myself. You do the same ok? :D
      Happy Valentine's!! :)
    4. xEryChan
      I'm okay with Amourshipping. I think its really cute and I do actually like it. It's not my favorite ship from the anime, Pearlshipping is. But yes, Inagree that Amour is one sided.
    5. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      only about 5 or 6 i talk to on a regular basis.
    6. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      I'm looking at a TV series creepypasta :3
      Thanks, same to you :D
    7. MegaMaster#1
      Well it was a homemade gift.A heart shaped thingy with a small mirror attached inside yada yada.
      Happy Valentine's day :3
    8. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Yup. :)
      How are you today? :)
    9. Veens
      I see, being single has its good sides too :3

      God, what is wrong with all of those boys, why would you propose so quickly? I would never go to a girl I like and ask her to be my girlfriend.
      I didn't even have to with the girlfriend I've got at the moment...
    10. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Forever alone.
    11. Musashi~
      Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :)
      Have fun with your date!
    12. Veens
      Thanks, I will. I'm going over to her house in about four hours.

      Lol, it's a bit mad to ask a girl out when you don't even know her well enough. Those boys should make an effort to get to know you better before doing something ridiculous like asking someone out or asking someone to be their girlfriend straight away :3
      I've got the same reputation, except for the beauty part, I don't know if girls consider me to be handsome :P
      But yeah, having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) certainly digs in on the time you'd normally use for studying, but the challenge is to make some time for your loved one in the middle of the chaos that school provides us with. :)
    13. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      I'm getting it for Pokemon Omega Ruby version ~
    14. -Nator-
      You seem really friendly thus far. :)
      And that's great of you. How are you doing?
    15. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Haha, I can tell :3
      How's your day/night going so far?
    16. -Nator-
      Hey there, nice to meet you. Thanks for the FR.
    17. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      The Pokémon anime has become that predictable, that it wouldn't shock me if that happened.
    18. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Hi there! ^-^ I'm doing alright. You?
      Also, thanks for the FR! :)
    19. xEryChan
      Yeah, Amourshipping is a very popular shipping right now.
    20. Koharu_Hinata
      Haha, I was only kidding. But still, I'm not getting any younger.
      Not as easy as it sounds, it almost never ends well for me if I do that.
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  • About

    Feb 22, 2000 (Age: 20)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    So let me introduce myself.My name is Sweta.
    I am an extremely fun loving girl!!I love to meet people and chat with them.
    I am kind to the people who are kind to me and to those who aren't kind...Well I am polite to them too.I am very friendly! I keep secrets so don't hesitate to tell me.
    I love listening to songs!I mean Taylor Swift,you are awesome!
    I love to eat!Chinese,Italian and Indian are my favorite cuisines!
    I love to chat but I am a patient listener too.
    To know more about me,send me an FR!
    Thanks for reading!

    Watching Pokemon,Reading novels,cycling,listening songs and chatting with people