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  • Well, we can hope, but with the reputation of the anime in recent years... I'm just not feeling it. But then again, that could also be because I'm still playing catch-up, so... *shrugs*
    Maybe? It's hard to say if he was even planning on them being together, or if they were just really close friends.

    I don't think the writers even care about it at this point, considering they pretend they don't have a periphery demographic. I don't know too many kids who think such-and-such are cute together, it's only ever really been the teenage and adult audiences who actively participate in shipping. Unless the voice actors fully believe Jessie and James are an item and it shows in their performances, I think RocketShipping in canon isn't going to be a thing. (I think the voice actors may have too much power over the characters, because apparently they didn't like how Team Rocket was portrayed in Best Wishes and thus why they went back to how they were in Hoenn/Sinnoh. But that's what I've heard, anyway.)
    Awesome. I don't remember when I got into Rocketshipping, I'm pretty sure I ended up being a PokéShipper before I became a RocketShipper. But when it comes to human/human pairings in Pokémon, RocksetShipping is probably the one that's remained unwavering, even if I was never expressive about it. Even so, I do have to wonder what Takeshi Shudo had in mind for them if he had remained a screenwriter for Pokémon until his death. (Of course, if he was, maybe the show would have been a little better, even though I do admire the positive writing changes in Hoenn. You could tell they were at least more caring.)
    Really! That's interesting, but it's also nice to find more Rocketshippers out there. I mean, it's always been a popular ship (basically was the first anime pairing to be given a shipping name), but it's died down so much over the years that it's just been so... subdued. That, and all the different sects of Rocketshipping doesn't help. (I swear, I think Rocketshipping is the only ship out there that has sects.) I know it picked up after "Noodles! Roamin' Off!", but that was years ago back in D/P, and it leveled out shortly afterward.

    I hope that the day we get an actual conclusion in the anime is the day James and Jessie confess to each other/get hitched/something that'll at least prove there was something there. If Electric Tale of Pikachu could do it, so could the anime. It's better than nothing since we know Ash isn't going to end up with anyone besides Pikachu.
    Yeah I am new to serebii.Actually I came across some of your posts and it looks like you are a Rocketshipper like me.So I sent you a friend request.
    I see you sent a friend request. I don't accept them until after I've had a chat.

    So, what brought you here around these parts? Were you a lurker? Just recently found the forums?

    (By the way, judging from your VM page here, it doesn't look like you're hitting the "view conversation" button when responding to the message. But then again, it seems Dawn+Serena Fan only allows VMs with friends, so that's probably why. Just a guess from an outside-looking-in perspective.)
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