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  • That's very poetic :)
    Haha, you like the commotion, don't you?
    Yup. Exactly one week ago. I'm nervous :/
    I am a fan of the TR trio actually. Not just Jessie. While they are losers(most of the time), their always pushing themselves and never giving up. That's why I like them so much.
    19 degrees is quite warm :3
    Oh my! We sometimes get those when they pump gas out of the ground here.
    She might be that way, but if she's obnoxious in one area of her character (whether it's her calling Ash "kid" or getting an OP Dragonite she can't handle), then it will hurt her. We all know BW was basically a "reboot", there's so many parallels to the first season that I wouldn't be surprised if the writing regressed back to that same writing. Given that the movies weren't all that good (says something when you compare them to the Diancie movie and even the previous Sinnoh movies), I honestly don't have much hope with BW itself. Although people at least liked Ash's team and the battles.

    And thank you! I knew I was going to win that award anyway so it wasn't a big surprise, but it still made me happy.
    [I can imagine :)
    Yup, very rare. Today it was 19 degrees where I live though :3]
    I hate the sun and its stupid radiation...
    Oh my... Had that once. During a football match when it was 38 degrees outside...
    I'm a bit more social thanks to serebii, but only online and even then, I'm still an awkward mess, which is why I wanna hide underground the rest of my life.
    We're the main target of terrorism. Bruxelles was the last targeted city, but it seems that Italy is being targeted as well. :/
    That's very dangerous. Make sure to drink a lot of water.
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