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Color Chat:
Yellow = Really Happy
Orange = Sick/Tired
Red = Mad/Pissed.
Green = Confused/scared
Blue = Sad
Turquoise = Upset/Lonely
Purple = Relaxed/Normal
Grey = Nervous
Black = Depressed as F*ck/On 3DS
White = Bored
Brown = Overwhelmed
Pink = Emotional/Lovey-Dovey

My Shippings:
SymmetricalMuse - KiddxMuseHarmonia


*I have a deadly fish named Larry.

*I LOVE Japanese men. And British accents. And Chinese food. And Italian last names. And German language. xD

*I am needy. You'll understand. xD I need to have VM fests 24/7

*I love Roserade :3

*I have OCD (self-diagnosed)

*I am adopted.

People Ive user-titled:

If you wanna know so much about me, friend me. Lolwut.
Hi I guess. I'm Harmonia. MuseHarmonia, but people call me Harmonia.
I swear alot. I like Vocaloid, and The GazettE.
I hate people. Jk.
I am also those people who change stuff alot. I have mood flashes and I constently have to be trying somethng new. You'll see what I mean.
I am scared of stinkbugs, candles, and the Chuck E' Cheese mouse. *shivers*
I RP, but only under my cercumstances. JK
Um...Yeah. GO GazettE!
I'm Canadian. (Suck it! :p)
He's Mine:

Best Friends:
wingzx - This guy is like, my BFFAJDJTNAKIE xD Me and him go on random topics for like ever. xD He's amazing. He is also my bestie~ SHOUT OUT TO CARNATION!

InsaneDragoniteHD- He is such a nice guy. He can really perk me up when I feel like I am dead. xD We bicker sometimes, but hey, he's my brother, and I love him <3

drizzleboy12- OMG! HEY GURL HEY! I love this guy! He is sooo fun to be around and I hope we stay friends~
He was one of my very first friends on here also! SHOUT OUT TO BUTTERCUP!

Jesspikapal - She is a really nice and understanding person~ She draws really good too~ I love talking to her! She is my sistur, and she gives GREAT advice! <3

joej m - He is fun, really competetive and sarcastic alot though, but that's what makes him joey~ Love ya Joey <33 Everyone does :3

Greatemboar - He's a pretty cool dude. He loves to talk, I can tell you that~ :3 He makes me feel like I'm wanted~

Auaria~ - She is so nice~ I love talking to her! We have alot in common~ My sistuur as well!! <33 She is also my BFFFRUFDJGDFH xD <3 ya!

♥IKawaiiThief♥ - She has the most suspensful and amazing RPs! She is always happy, and it rubs off on everyone~ My little sissy! I love her oh so much! She's banned ;3;

gohan5 - HE ROCKS! I love talking to him. I can trust him with my problems as well :3 He is also pretty chill like me, lol, nah. <33

Toxic Nightshade: She is my amazing little sis!! I love her so much, she makes me sooo happy <33333 <333 I talk to her all the time and we have alot in common!

YourPermanentRecord631: Man, is he a little different. <3 I love him though, he;s o fun to be around and random just like me!! I hope we stay besties! :p

Soul Eater, Vocaloid, Pokemon, Singing, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), and Dancing, and Muse :D
Nov 10, 1998 (Age: 23)
I'm at a Payphone~
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
I'm a secret FBI mudderer investigator for the dea


~Working on getting a sig~