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  • I know you haven't been active in almost a year, but I felt it appropriate to ask if I could use your character Whiplash in the newest installment of Teen Titans North.
    Im sorry, but you might not have gotten my question in the PM. What do you mean by "Justify the species". This is in reference to my intelligent dinosaurs that im hoping to use in your RPG "A Means to End". If it is a matter of you not being on, then nevermind the question, and sorry to bother you.
    You're not the only one who's been a wee bit busy. Since I got it now, I'll give you some leeway and give you three days from now to finish. Which'll be...August 1.
    Alright-y, then, that's simple enough. I shall now move the time to 8:55! (A whole ten minutes! Le gasp!) And... I guess I'll keep causing trouble, then. =P Yep, you can use the dryad as much as you'd like, (are they called dryads or druids, anyways?)
    Heya! Had a question about our time constraints in AMTAE. Are there any time-specific events happening in Day 2? (Like, the characters need to show up before so-and-so time for orientation.)
    Well the type of character he is, killing tons of civilians. If they have SRA agents not working on the big case, they might be sent to him or at least the normal FBI or something
    For the rpg, how is my character supposed to interact with anything supernatural? He's two states away from Washington
    No problemo. ^_^ Gah, the thread is gonna be up soon?! Aw... that means I actually have to write something for my characters. Must... not.. write... 6-page post... >.<
    S-s-scary. Patch... Kinda Frankensteiny. He should be a bubbly, sweet person. Smash them stereotypes.

    Heck, undead dinosaurs? Awesome. So he examines the inevitable corpses that'll show up? Our plan of action: attack with full force, and hope they miss a lot.
    Yay! One more day! Unless your post appears tomorrow night. That would make me sad... Tomorrow's the last chance I have to post (and I have all day) before I have to leave.

    I though Tom was a Triceratops too. I was just like :D dinosaurs! And then I realized it was a Triclops. Shapeshifting three-eyed dragon armed heart-stealers? Coolio.

    We need a necromancer that summons zombeh dinosaurs. She'll be an NPC. Instant awesome = dinosaurs.
    Alright then. I can wait 432,000,000 milliseconds. I can... really...

    That's also 432,000,000,000,000 nanoseconds, or 432,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 yoctoseconds.

    Which is 8,012,998,864,830,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planck times.

    ... :D 1 l13k b1g numb3rz...
    Smoking sucks. Drugs suck. General stupidity really.

    *reports underage drinking* naughty naughty.

    Lord of the Flies was great, although I'm more of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance person. Crichton! Brooks! Dan Brown (even though a lot of his 'facts' are utter BS)! Or just fluffy fanfics. I'm a sucker for fluffy fanfics...

    Any particular reason you're starting in a week? I don't wanna wait until Sunday... That, and I leave on vacation next Tuesday... Ah well, it's only for three days, and hotels usually have wi-fi.
    I should start organizing my character SUs into id, ego, and super-ego format. Psychology is fun. People who are happy all the time are annoying, that's certainly true.

    Eat everyone. I've never eaten Jorculine before... Or Akhlut. Or Werecat... Yummy. Human meat gets bland after a while.

    Black and white, with no gray in between. Put me in the gray section please... Well, as long as it's legal. Whippersnappers. I think kids shouldn't drink till age 35! And their clothes... Young 'uns these days. Yeesh.
    Rrrrango! I saw that. Wasn't really a kids movie, not really. A lot of the humor flew over my sister's head. She's still at the age where slapstick is funny... And a lot of the other stuff she didn't laugh at. I love Calvin and Hobbes for that.

    Time to creep. A nekomimi. Hmm... Fiancee dead. Cain'll probably give that some distance. Even he's not a complete monster. Another depressed person? As you know, characters in a work are extensions of the writer's id, dark secrets, inner fears, deepest wishes subconsciously created in 'inspiration', thus the common Mary Sue. Silver seems an easy way to slay her...

    I wonder how Lost will fit in to all of this. He has no enmity with the government, he just kills people to survive. Just... Food. The Blood Bandit is his enemy.

    Flutes... They're always the good-behaved ones. Percussion is always the loudmouthed 'cool' crew, the clarinetists and tromboners (geh, my band slang) are the geeks (guilty and proud), and there are no stereotypes for the other instruments. And of course, our residen Drummess, she who shall not be called a drummer.
    Bond is a classy badass to be sure. Sean Connery. But also a bastard. Bond girls... Certain death by the end of the movie. Bond can't be tied down, but just ditching her isn't okay, so she dies. •_•

    Pirates of the Caribbean... I love Depp and his weird weirdness. Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow... I haven't seen the newest one.

    Werecat, hm? Weak to silver?
    Jack Sparrow + James Bond. Fits pretty well actually. 'Cept Bond succeeds every freakin' time. And has no sense of shame. Or mourning. Jack... Fails most of the time, bud doesn't stop anyway.

    Jack Sparrow is amazing.
    Haha. I can see that happening. "But I assure you my fair lady, I love like no mortal man. I've consorted with Succubi."

    Judging by the fact that he'll flirt with enemies too, Cain'll get slapped around. A lot. He's used to it by now. :p
    I can do amazing chinglish.

    Note to self: learn how to flirt with the beautiful ladies. I expect that this is tempting fate, and GM will banish Cain to work in an all-male squad. Which would be really funny actually.
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