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  • ??? Schooling in Britain?

    My god, all the beautiful ladies. I really wonder if I can pull this off. Bond... James Bond.
    This is Harry potter. They get the cool frat houses. With magic! Then there's the hazing.

    Plus magical astrophysics class. I'd totally do that. Then the moment where James tells an american kid he has a funny accent.
    Bloody Americans. Our adolescents slay immortal death-gods. Great Britain: churning out mighty wizards since Merlin.

    Read the bloody book. It's bloody free. Bloody 'ell, swearing doesn't sound quite so bad when you do so in a British accent. :p There's quite a bit of Dementor backstory too. Plus, in American wizarding schools, they don't have houses. They have fraternities and sororities. :D
    Piccolo are cool. Unfortunately, I keep thinking of Dragon Ball. Weird, I've never even watched Dragon Ball.

    "Teddy's snogging Victoire!" and a new adventure begins. The books are basically fanfiction, but they're full-length, have title pages, page numbers, and illustrations. They're actually very well-written. Plus, you get an insight on what the bloody Americans were doing.

    James and his famous dad. James can top him... Or at least he tries.
    Ooh, ooh, Jazz Band pianist. I get to sit all the time. :p Ee, marching band. I knew a guy who played one of those whatchamacallit tuba things. Sousaphone?

    Imagine how the actors must feel. I mean, their entire lives have been Harry Potter. If Daniel Radcliffe walks down tue street, I'd be like zomg it's Harry Potter!

    Have you read James Potter and the Hall of Elder's Crossing? Or it's sequel, James Potter and te Curse of te Gatekeeper? They detail James and Albus' Hogwarts life. Pretty interesting really, I suggest you google it and get the PDF.

    D: Kiruria's character is named Lupin... Wah, Lupin and Tonks' bodies holding hands... T.T Snape's flashback was sad, and sweet. Poor Snape...
    Hmm... Band? Like a college school band, or a touring band?

    ... I could never go on 4 hours of sleep. I need my 8 hours.

    HARRY POTTER... Is over. That's like, a ten-year phase of my life, gone. *** ***. Albus Severus Potter. Kid looks kinda like first year Harry (which he's supposed to). AmaIng how young these guys all look, being 38 and all.
    So I just got back from a weekend full of Harry Potter and ZOMGIES THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME. XD Gah, I cried so much when Fred and Snape died. On the other hand... Harry's kid was so cute! =P Did you end up seeing the midnight showing?
    ... About AMTAE, scratch the Hive-Mind thing. I'll make another character (SRA Probie). Feel free to start without me getting it in, I'll have it done in a day or two.
    hey music this person in the rpg thread made a thread and for the story (it doesn't have a long enough story) she is sort of copying you and she literally copied and pasted your rules just thought I would tell you that. Oh there user name atomic_kitty

    T.T Getting braces today... *sigh*.

    ... That's the exact same way I write my email address... 0.0 I have my email address in the dictionary though, so no problem.
    Qigong. I hate auto-correct. What possible reason would I have to type Qigong of all things? Woot, band. Clarinetist/Pianist here. Summer band? Coolio.

    Lol, have you seen the Tobuscus video for Harry Potter? If not... Google "Tobuscus Harry Potter Deathly Hallows literal trailer" right now. Wizard Lightning Battle!
    Wiiiiizard liiiiightning baaaatle!!!!! Oh yes, Harry Potter. Dobby. That made me so sad. Even though I knew it was Dobby. Funny how for most of Movie 2, I was qigong the annoying little thing would go and get stabbed, and when it happens, I'm all cut up about it...

    Hmm... okay.
    ... Hmm, I could do that. There are a lot of Hive Mind things that could work. It actually evolved from another idea, a digital Supernatural, named (terrible pun) Deus ex Machina, who had a god complex.

    Which transliterated into an actual god. ... I can do that though. Might take a while, since I'll be overhauling anything that refers to the Cosmic entity known as Cthulhu (Type CT, then HU HU, with an L in the middle.) Then again, I could have gone with Xiurhn, Dimensional Shamblers, Fire Vampires of Fthaggua, Flying Polyps, or the "Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua and Knygathin Zhaum". Knygathin Zhaum. Lovecraft was an annoying fella on the spellings.

    ... So, how does fighting work out [in TTN]? It seems to be kind of haphazard near the beginning... do you guys plan it out, or just roll with whatever people think up?
    Gwaaaa. Almost done reading along with your synopsis. (Thanks for the synopsis by the way, it was amazingly helpful in keeping track of what I've read and what's going on at the moment, especially when really weird stuff happens). Also, posted my SU.

    ... I hope I didn't keep you up to 3 AM... I would feel sad.

    Hungry... Hungry Raccoon? Eh, how do you think I should get my character in? (Assuming I get accepted...) His first move will be to BLOW THE WHOLE CITY UP (Or at least the main street area), but I don't want to interrupt whatever you guys are doing.

    ... I'm a villain, I can interrupt whatever I want. IN FLAMES.

    *Listens to City by Hollywood Undead*

    Let's watch this City burn~
    Let's watch this City burn~
    Let's watch this City burn the World~

    And villains who pillage, they're killing by the millions~
    And billions of people die for a lost cause~

    I will not die in the night but in the light~
    Of the sun with the ashes of this world in my lungs~
    But who am I to say let's all just run away~
    Go grab your saints and pray, we're gonna burn this world today~

    ... The song is remarkably fitting. It's my new theme song.

    I'm just a bit confused about Calc/Tsukiyomi/Susano. Are all three the same person? Are they secondary/tertiary characters...? 0.0
    Hey, I noticed a call for more Evil. I can't resist a call for EVIL. So, since I'll never be able to join if I have to read 500 (wait, you guys just reached 600) posts.

    Uh... synopsis please. In the name of getting more antagonists I suppose
    Still, that's pretty sweet. It's like a class project, only it's actually fun and you only fail if you fall asleep during the movie. =P

    Oh gosh... I was bawling when Dobby died in Part 1... >.< The fights are going to be awesome, but then, there'll be soo many death scenes... it'll be like "Awesome wizard battle!" - "Dead" - "Awesome lightning battle!" - "Dead".

    I just want to see the Harry-Voldemort fight. Wizzzzard Lightnnnning Baaaaaaattttttlllle. XP
    Alright-y, then! I'll have Houl catch up with Whiplash later once Mugo posts. =)

    You are! Sa-weet! =D Haha, it's cool, everyone going to the midnight showing is a dork, (guilty as charged.) XP Man, I can't wait for the movie... though I'm gonna cry when everyone dies. Especially Fred. Noooooooo... the Weasleys are too awesome to die.... ='(

    Heh, you guys shoulda taken over the entire movie theater. =P The only theater near me is this old deserted one that old people go to all the time. ...But on the bright side, there's never any lines! =P
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