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  • Whew, glad the RP is starting later... because, speaking of Harry Potter, I'm being kidnapped that weekend by my obsessive friends so that we can see the midnight showing. Ah... now I have to figure out how to stay awake through the entire movie... (though they'll actually be doing stuff in this part, so maybe I'll manage. =P)

    Hmm... well, if you can get a post up before Mugo does, then sure, go ahead and have Whiplash save him. He'll probably get mad at her for stealing his powers and start randomly attacking people, but meh, he does that a lot. =P
    Alright-y, then! I was going to make another Baron, but then I got this awesome idea for a new character, (jackalope hybrids for the win! XP), so I'll be making a cute lil' freelancer instead. ^_^ It works out doubly well, too, so that we technically have GMs in every faction.
    Guess that means Houl will be losing his powers in my next post... Yay, telepathy! =D

    Hehe, Hungry Hungry Racoon would be an awesome game... =P

    The battle between Detour and Houl will be ending shortly. I'm not sure what exactly will happen after it does end, though hopefully I won't get teleported to any weird ice hospitals. =P

    Also, I'm thinking about making another character for AMTAE. It'll probably be another baron, but I could make a freelancer if we needed more people in that line of duty. =)
    Haha, naw, it's fine. ^_^ The RPs been moving at a pretty calm pace, so there's no rush to post or anything.
    Hiya-heya! So I started up that whole power-swapping thingy. Since I'm still fighting Mugo, it's just starting to surface, and then progress in a... err, progressive way. =P

    Any-who, since you'll be getting all of Houl's powers, here's the link to his sign-up in case you need it. Most of the techy-technical details aren't very important; I made his abilities sound a lot more complex than they really are. =P
    Hey, I just had a random thought... if Houl borrows Whiplash's powers, then what happens to Peter?
    Hehe, I'll be having fun with that. >=) *tips over FA's cup of expensive tea and laughs like a maniac* Actually, I get the feeling that Houl would go crazy without that constant nagging voice driving him to cannabalism...

    For a person who has animal powers, the forest is not a safe place to be... (take it from Houl's experience) =P
    Hmm... since Mugo and I were debating on ways to end our little skirmish, having Houl lose his powers right around the end would work perfectly. He'd get telepathy, and Whiplash would get... a bunch of stuff, actually. Empathetic Roar, Ravenous Bite, (and all it's devious little side-effects), Adaptation... makes me realize how many powers that little guy has. 0.o

    I can only imagine how Whiplash would handle that situation...
    Alright-y then! I talked to Vamp, and she said that as long as we have some sort of constraint on the power-switching thing, it's fine for us to use.
    Well, there's no shame in asking, right? Since it's not a permanent thing, (at least, I don't think it is... is it? =P) then I don't see a problem in doing so. ^_^

    Hehe... switching powers... man, that would be boatloads of fun. ^_^ I'll go ask VM about it - that way she'll just get mad at me if she doesn't like the idea. =P
    Alright-y then, the SUs are officially accepted. ^_^ Glad I could help out.

    SRA teams are supposed to have three-to-four people, right? Hmm... I'm not sure what Kiruria is going to sign up as, but if she joins the SRA, we could have the agents split into pairs, too. I'm all for multiple SUs, though I feel like we might get a backlog of characters if we allow it... maybe two would be the limit, since I think things would get chaotic if there were more.

    But meh, that's all just my speculation, so yeah, we'll see.
    All right, welcome back! ^_^ Oh and psst, War of the Legends is re-starting in case you're interested (I understand perfectly if you're not... the last version was quite chaotic). Don't worry, I'm not naming my character Venifica this time.

    Also, I finally looked at your Means to an End RPG, and it sounds very interesting! I posted a reserve and a character concern there... (Interestingly enough, my proposed character turns out to be similar to Ironknight's, except with no sword.)
    Hey, hey, you're back! Hope you had a good time on vacation. ^_^ Anyways, here's the break-down on the MTAE sign-ups...

    I've accepted three people so-far: Universe Chaser, treespyro, and ironknight42. Universe Chaser's goblin was pretty tame, so I accepted him, although his powers are a bit on the stronger side. Treespyro's character was also rather tame, and since she didn't really have any powerful weapons. The only person I really had problems with was ironknight, though he changed his powers to something much less overpowering. Still, he has a different take on the whole which category, (meaning that he has a sword), so I feel like you'd be better to confirm that his character follows all the guidelines.

    And... that's about it. You didn't really miss much. =P
    Hey, could you update TT please? Ninjice just made his grand entrance to protect his friends.
    Please do NOT call me Murgo. So many people call me Murgo instead of Mugo and it's starting to become a pet peeve of mine.

    Anyway, considering Whiplash's power, I would have to say Detour and Baku's powers would NOT work on her.
    Alright-y then, I'll go ahead and start working on my SU. Have fun on vacation! =) I probably won't be playing Bigfoot or anything, but more like a type of those shadow people I was talking about before. Though I might just go ahead and create an entirely new supe... *cue Frankenstein laugh*

    And don't mind if I do... =)

    Will chars be able to change sides (like from Baron to SRA or SRA to Freelance)?
    Gaaaaaaaahhhh... why'd ya have to come up with an awesome RP when I'm too busy to make an SU? XP Do you think it would be possible for me to get some sort of extended reserve? I really wanna join... but I probably won't be able to get a sign up in until around the end of the month... x_x (Sorry I'm not posting on the actual SU page... I dunno if I'll actually be able to join, so I don't want to clog up space or anything.)

    And now for my long list of questions: Yay! =D

    1) Also, what's your take on the modern paranormal? (You know, Bigfoot, the Mothman, etc.) Would those count as a species, or are those just one-case incidents that I couldn't play as?

    2) What about myths and creatures that don't have a defined set of characteristics or abilities? (Like these baddies.) Would I have to make up a sort of backstory for them, or are they just off-limits?

    Edit: One more question!
    3) You mentioned in the SU form that a creature could be hand-made. By hand-made, do you mean that the powers can be made-up, (but the creature still needs a root in myth, local superstition, etc.), or that the entire species can be completely made-up?

    Sorry about all of these questions... I have an idea for a char but I have no idea if it would be acceptable... XP
    Hmm... a two-way mind link? Hehe... that could go wrong in soo many ways. Sure, I'll have Houl accept the other half of the linky thing so we can cause a sort of weirdness to happen. ^_^
    I hope you feel better soon. And I hope to have you as my comrade in roleplaying.
    Well, actually co-GM means creative consultant. If I need ideas or a review, I'll go to you
    I hope you feel better soon
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