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  • Its not just about breaking the rules, its also about encouraging intelligent discussion. Topics are often decided by the quality of the original post, in this case it was horrible. If you want to post a topic about strange, viable or annoying sets go for it. But if the OP is just "lololo troll set annoy people until they ragequit" nothing good will come out of it.
    and yet, if those are the people who know what they're talking about, are you not only harming yourself by not listening to them?
    the problem with that is that those people -- the ones who are commonly rude -- are often the ones who know the most about this game, and are thus, in certain forums, the main people worth listening to
    most of the good competitive players here behave like that, sadly

    we just feel superior to the rest of serebii + a large number of people can't accept when they're wrong, which pisses us off a lot. D:
    But that all depends on if you classify it as cheating. If it isn't cheating, then it's intentionally handicapping yourself not to use said device. You can use a wooden bat as a high school baseball player, but you'd play much better using an aluminum one and would be a fool not to do so.
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