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  • Whats the whole point of the Animals? My friend said something about the game being lots of work and how you have to maintain it.
    Cool, I'll add you tomorrow. :)

    Yeah they should have left Steel alone, Gengar is so powerful right now.
    One mechanics I like is Pokemon Amie. I just love interacting with my Pokemon. :D
    [Your the second person, who mentioned Animal Crossing to me, the first was SapphireL. You probably know her.
    What is Animal Crossing all about?]

    Im kind of glad they added in Fairy since Dragon types were so strong. Also it gives Poison and Steel types uses as well. As long as there's balance im all in for it. :)

    Fc: 3926 - 5723 - 8180
    Ingame name: Serena

    Dragon Friend Safari: Gabite, Dragonair, Sliggoo. :)
    Thank you. I appreciate it.
    My father told me that the Jobs that are getting a lot of attention are Medicine, and Technology.

    You want to exchange FC for Friend Safari? How you find the games?
    Your VM is suppose to go on mines, not yours.
    Lol, its a common mistake. :)

    Thats good, im hoping to get accepted to Touro College and Major in Nursing.
    I want to have a job in the Medical field.

    By any chance, did you get the Pokemon XY games? :)
    You can find the thread here. I got accepted into Monash university for my Masters of Education degree.
    Could you please give me a link to that suggestion thread. :)

    Thats good to hear, im glad that everything is working out for you. :)

    What college you got accepted too? What are you majoring?
    I never seen it before. Maybe one day I'll watch a couple of episodes.
    Humor and message are my favorite things when it comes to shows.

    Ok, I already have 13 members just post any 6 im going to use and post them in the open challenge thread. Yeah im not to much worried about Sinature moves. I rather get the Hidden Power first, then down the road get the Signature once I have more experience. :)

    Is it hard to Referee a match? I mean the energy and damage a Pokemon takes, how do you know?

    Also, how's life been treating you? Its great to have you back. :)
    I say this because you would come here like once a month, now im seeing you more often.
    My little ponies to be exact?
    I have no idea why people like that show.

    Muyotwo, how long does it take for Hidden Powers to be approved.
    Also, I fixed my squad and everything else. Where can I begin to look for matches? Or does a Moderator have to approve me first? :)
    Im doing Great
    I can tell that your really busy.

    Im just trying to figure out how the Anime Style works before I start posting. :)

    What have you been up to?
    I notice your on Serebii once in a while now. :)
    Hello. I am a newbie here, and I want to join the ASB. I have read the threads, but I am confused. Please direct me on where can I post my squad. You know, better be safe than sorry. Tnx.
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