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  • Hey Muyo, sorry if i sound a little antagonistic, but i looked at the squad submission thread, in which i posted, and it appears that it has not been checked since early january. Are we free to play after posting there, or do we have to wait for approval? If it is the latter, i would truly appreciate you checking out the thread.
    Eugh, sorry I didn't check back, I just saw a page of sigs and thought you'd maybe forgotten or something. Sorry again :(
    Hi, sorry to bother you (hope I'm not out of place here) but it seems like the Squad Submissions thread hasn't been checked for a whole page or more and I think many people (including myself) would appreciate it if you found the time to have a look ;)
    Thanks, ~Alch
    oh that squad is old I actually changed mine squad and its on the last page so i'm not sticking with the squad you just approved
    could i get a PASBL team making explanation for dummies (like me...lol)because i cant understand it after 3 different explanations
    Just following up on what Boltfire said. The last approved ref application was on May 9th, '09, which was almost 5 months ago. =S, hate to bug ya about it, especially because you don't even know me, but maybe it's time to take a peek at them, or like Kush said, delegate someone else to do it.

    Just puttin' it out there. Peace.
    Hey, well, just saying the same thing as Kush. A lot of the squad submissions have been there for a month, and no one's really looking at ref apps. That's pretty important since we don't have many active refs. But yeah, just saying :p
    Hey man, I know you hate getting bugged about the squad submissions but some of them have been in there over a month now. Can you possibly find time to do a few, or delegate someone else to do it?

    PS Totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday, sorry!
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