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  • Hey Muyo! wassup! Just a quick one - how do you calculate the value for the W/L ratio? Does it include Draws?

    EDIT: Actually - did I just work it out? ratio = [W+(D/2)]/[W+L+D] so wins plus half ur draws divided by total matches? that seems to work... am i right?
    How was getting the American stuffs? =o All ready now? How's the no more classes time going? Good luck in your costume tihng tomorrow too =o
    Hey Muyo =o Visitor messageness! Also thanks for the approval :eek: NOW THE GRASS GYM IS MINE...I mean Bug... ;o Hows things going? Preparing for your trip to the Americas? =o Ttyl!~
    Cheers. I hope I do as well - its funny, over my whole time at Uni, this will be my final exam and its the only exam I've ever had that's an oral exam!
    Hey Muyo!

    How'd the exams go today and yesterday? =o Did you kick *** to the correct degree? ;o And screw Fishy D: Deny his next Pokémon instantly ;o

    Hope you're good and the exams went well~
    Thanks, mate. Yeah, I love the philosophy in it as well, which is one of the reasons i also like a film/documentary called "What the BLEEP do we Know" - have you heard of it?
    Wow, well totally different on that front, my fav Movie atm is the Matrix trilogy... My genres sort of hang around the Comedy, Action, Adventure films...
    Yeah, I checked that as soon as you told me about it. Cool, perhaps we'll have to keep a closer eye on the nintendo site, or something.

    Did you notice I got lvl 2?

    Oh, and what's ur fav movie/genre?
    OMG! I totally had no idea there was going to be one, yes of course we will - and we'll end up getting 4 of them. It will be awesome. Since the Manaphy event, i didn't think they'd ever do another one...

    Wow, thanks for letting me know! Where do you get ur info from, so I can know for next time?
    Awesome - and I agree. Similar interest is what has kept me and my girl together for so long - we just enjoy spending time with each other so much because of that. We almost do everything together. I love it that way.

    Apart from Uni, do you have a job?
    Yeah it's a bit of a shame, coz she'd enjoy the PASBL... that's ok though, we work well together. We still love pokemon and that's a feat for ayone our age. Like you, I spend most of my time with my girlfriend, she's asian, so that makes for extraordinaryil awesome fun - i just love their culture.

    But when I'm not in the lab trying to make things work, my spare time is spent on SPPf and a little on MTGSalvation Forums. Other interests of mine include Naruto & Bleach (i watch the english subbed raws from japan) as well as D&D which i try to play once a week with a bunch of guys - its fun... I also play the piano but have found that since uni, I almost have no time for it... that's a shame as well.

    Aside from that, i can get out of the lab sometimes to enjoy the occasional coffee with people i dont get to see often...
    That's awesome man - I have a girlfriend who is unfortunately not the forum type, but I would totally do the same thing for her - we both are in Australia at the moment, but if she ever needed to go overseas, then I would totally follow her in a heartbeat.
    Yeah, I remember Joshua from when I was first around like 4 years ago... He's a Victorian.... And I figured ABL was since she's connected to you. Hang on.... You miss American Football? Does that mean either you or ABL or both were originally born overseas?
    Yeah, his recount of the place isn't all to be had. On top of that, he misses the important things like enjoying a lunch at the lake and taking walks to the top of Mt. Ainslie. Are you still undergrad for Psyc? I'm a chemist here at ANU and enjoying it. Funny how i thought i was the only person from Oz on SPPf, or in the PASBL for that matter.... What do you spend ur spare time doing?
    Muyooooo D:

    Hi =o! Hope you're doing good, hopefully we can talk this weekend. I was gonna text but I love leaving visitor messages D: So when you sign on you see the '1 new message' and there's that time inbetween signing on and seeing it and you wonder who its from =o Um now I'm rambling xd; Yeah hope you're good, ttyl~
    Well, my Uni is the ANU (a game to see if you know the acronym...). And I really enjoy the work i do - it's a lot of fun. I get to play with chemicals and see if they make new and weird things... So, you're at Uni as well I take it?
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