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  • Well, I am struggling to keep my head above water at Uni, but otherwise ok...
    I was looking to make new friends, and thought I'd try to get to know you....
    Yo dude. =o Happy Birthday as I haven't had a chance to speak to you all day as of writing this and I needed to wish it at a time where its your birthday in Stu-time. May the Stuture hold wonderful and awesome things for you *nod*. Hope its good, talk later~ =o So yeah have a good day...

    ...OF POO? *shot*

    This advertisement was paid for by...well, noone. Please insert 20$ into my userpage.

    Just sayin' hi.
    Workin on mah college stuff and trying to get a promotion at work =P In my research, I've systematically removed obstacles to Adelaide... it's becoming a feasible possibility, w00t!
    Hey Muyo.

    Sorry I didn't get back in time to talk to you guys again, but I had to keep my sis' bf company until she finished work (which was a good 3/4 hours after I left xd). I won't get to talk to you guys until like...monday morning though cause I have to go visit my brother (and his girlfriend...ick...I hope she learnt to get changed in the bathroom djfbsdjgbsj)! But then on monday I have to go cause I'm going to a friends birthday so we might not get the chance to talk properly to maybe even wednesday. Hence the messaging.

    Talk later dude. Byebye~
    oh! that works. thanks :D I'd be able to add sig moves later if I want, right? I'm sure I can, but I'm making sure.
    I'm all right. Sorry I didn't respond right away. I was on my way out the house to work.
    Sorry to bother you, but is the PASBL thing still up because i would like to sing up. I've submitted my first 6 pokemon do you know how long it will take to get them checked out?
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