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  • I'm guessing you said "Awh, that's awesome!" in response to me, and just accidentally posted it on your VM page instead of in this conversation? (No need to worry [catch the reference?], I've done that before ^_^;;)

    Anyway, what's new with you? I took my AP US History exam this morning. I think it went well.
    So Muzi, how have you bee nas of late? For me life seems to finally reach a peace...
    I like rain. Except when I want to do something outside that isn't as enjoyable when it rains, like hiking. Happily, it was nice on Saturday. My friends and I saw Harbor Seals.

    I'm supposed to go hiking today with my friends after orchestra today, but it might rain. I'm hoping it doesn't...
    Me too. So much homework (which is why I haven't been on here in about a week). And then next month is AP testing. So much fun.
    On the brighter side, I have April break next week, so I should have some more time to get online, and to relax in general. I know you said you don't get February break, do you get one in the Spring?
    My family also does a little cross country skiing but I personally don't like it that much, and prefer ice skating and roller blading as well, though I unfortunately don't get to do them that often.


    I've gotten a rather large amount of homework so far this week...
    I'm traveling this weekend and there's snow where I'm going to I might get to go snowboarding, which is exciting because I only got to go once this winter (for various reasons) and I really love doing it. Do you ski or snowboard?
    Also since I'm traveling I won't have internet access until Monday and I might not get on here until Tuesday, so if you celebrate it, Happy Easter!
    Thank you and you're welcome! Oof, so close. You can try for it again next year.

    Second day of spring (yesterday) and I'm still getting snow. What is world coming to? (I actually don't mind at all, it's just funny. It all melted anyway, but I got some cool pictures.)
    Aw that stinks. I'm probably not the first person to tell you this but I hope you get well soon! Also, happy first day of spring.

    All-state weekend is this weekend; all day rehearsals 9-5 on Friday and Saturday and then the concert on Sunday. It's a lot of work and playing but it should be fun.
    That's good.

    Hey, you can't just go throwing stuff like that into conversations without explaining yourself! What illness do you have? Are you in serious condition? I hope you're okay.
    Thank you! I had an awesome trip.

    Did you do anything cool over break? (I'm assuming that you have a February break.)
    Man, that must be really tiresome. I hope it goes well for you.

    Next year, I gget 8 classes a day on Mondays yaaaaay /sarcasm
    We got over a foot! I lost power from Friday until about 3 hours ago, and my school still doesn't have power, like a lot of people in town, so school got cancelled tomorrow. Which is good; now I don't have to finish my homework tonight.
    Yup I sure do!

    Also just so you don't worry that I got carried away by Kyurem, I'm going to be traveling starting Tuesday through February break, so I won't be on Serebii until around the 25th.
    That's too bad. None of my friends play it either, though I've taught at least three of them how. And I can't participate in the league near my house because I have orchestra when it meets.

    Oh I see. Ours is most definitely unpaid. I love it though, it's really fun. The first show was tonight and it went well.

    I'm getting over a foot of snow tomorrow into Saturday! I'm excited; I love snow. As I've probably said before, more than once.
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