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May 24, 2010
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    1. Itzatrap
      I've added Swablu's confirmation in the Training Centre. Sorry it took so long!
    2. OkikuMew
      Nevermind about the Pokémon-goin-in-Pokéball thing, I've learned via Arc that Pokémon in trainer battles can be in the PC, so Hershel can stay :) Sorry for the false alarm ^^;
    3. OkikuMew
      Hi myahoo! :) Just a little heads up concerning my adventure you're updating in Phantom Isle: I've edited my latest reply post, where I have put my only Pokémon that's out (Hershel, my Spheal) back into its Pokéball. I did this because I had all my 6 active Pokémon used in zones or trainer battles, so I couldn't move any Pokémon to my PC (and not able to get an egg, too...). Sorry if that changes some of your plans with my adventure!
    4. MarbleZone
      He already has Giga Drain and a couple of HMs, but no defined Nature. This is me telling you to give in :P I was thinking of closing the bidding later today though, so please let me know when you decide ^^
    5. MarbleZone
      Hey there! Just letting you know I have a Trapinch up for trade; were you the one who was looking for one at some point? It was either you, Myrrh or Megh, the usernames confus eme. :P if it was you, the current high bid is at 3 candies by Dark Searchman over at UPN. If it wasn't you... sorry :P
    6. Arc_Angel
      No it was clear ... I just need to learn to red ^-^;; (had Steel eggs on the brain since Sneasel picked one up on BMG)
    7. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      If you can wait for me a little bit, that would be great. I don't have a lot of time to reply lately.
    8. Toyo
      Would you mind canceling my adventure in PI? I don't think I'll have time to respond to it for a while.
    9. Takeo
      Here you go, my good man.
    10. Emp
      Yeah, imagine Wildfire has a 1/3 health left, the Elekid twins a little less whilst Aron is a little under a quarter. This is only because you've been using him as a meat shield to protect Wildfire xDD
    11. Emp
      "Knocked-out Aron"

      Aron wasn't knocked out :S And if you win only Wildfire will get a level because the other two haven't contributed in the whole battle. It's to stop people from switching out midbattle in situations like these.
    12. Emp
      Yeah I guess but I was kinda hoping you'd use some other Pokémon because I don't want it being too similar to the Cyndaquil vs Blitzle battle. I guess if you used him in a double battle that would be okay.
    13. kaisap112
      You might want to add the "trade confirmed" text in your reply, I'd rather not give enchantress any chances to cancel the trade. :3
    14. kaisap112
      Started the trade Finneon-Lileep at the Cable Club, can't wait! :3
    15. kaisap112
      No problem! I'll be removing the links from my FB-profile now, so I hope you got them. :3
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