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May 10, 2016
Dec 29, 2008
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Cool Loser, from Happy-Awesome-Dreamland.

MyCurrentObsession was last seen:
May 10, 2016
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      lol. I love your profile picture. Are you a Kingdom Hearts fan as well? xD
    2. Mr.Pong
      ok, the first chapter is up. The fic is called The Rise Of The Demon Lord.
    3. Mr.Pong
      hey, i'm loading up a sequel of my first fic on serebii pretty soon. Expect it about next week. It's gonna be epic.
    4. crisiscore
      Thanks for accepting [= I've heard of Grandia (although i've never played it), it was for the play station and game boy color right? RPG's are my favorite types of games so maybe i should try it out. Aside from FF, I also like this game called Golden Sun I'm currently playing a really good game called Eternal Sonata for the 360. I don't know if you've heard of it, but they are both very fun! lol

      As for shows, I have lots. One of my favorite animes is Death Note, have you seen it?
      what games/shows do you like?

      As for other shows, games, and FF pairings, I'll tell you on the next post (It won't all fit on one post haha and also gotta study like crazy for an exam tomorrow! =/, lol). Oh. as for the VK thread, take your time [=
    5. crisiscore
      hey mycurrentobsession, you may remember me from that vampire knight thread. wanna be friends? [= you seem like a cool person lol
    6. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      No problem.

      Smallville? Smallville is okay but compared to most Superman lore it's nothing. I grew up with the virtually "perfect" Silver age/pre-crisis Superman. My parents found 'em when I was 7 & thought I'd like 'em but I got into the animated series when I was 5. Anyway, I never said you had to like Superman if that's what you thought I was implying, but I was just saying why I liked it.

      Everyone has their story.

      Is that so? I feel loved now. Lol!

      I'll be happy to see whatever. I'm gonna wait 'til I'm better at drawing to make vids. Don't worry, I'm a fast learner ;)

      Okay, off to the LS thread.
    7. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Also I responded on the LuckyShipping thread. ^_^
    8. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Yeah, it messes up for me too. I'm just persistent.

      Yeah I guess, it's alright.

      Well we both think Yellow is an angel right? The Superman I grew up on is very similar in terms of overall moral. & I was introduced to Supes at age 5. I didn't discover PokeSupe until last summer. You see where I'm coming from.

      I thought you didn't like cursing lol. My friend Derick has the biggest problem with drunken parents. My dad was abusive on drugs, but he quit, he's okay now.

      Gees, you must really wanna know stuff about me huh? Lol. ;)

      If you want something to put in the instrumentals I recommend whatever the song says to you. It's deeper meaning or what it made you think. This works best for me & "A Perfect Circle" songs, because they're kinda hard to follow. You're really good at this sorta thing.
    9. Kurai
      -comes out of no where- Your Appealshipping fic in the drabble thread was AWESOME. And I think you got the angst down right too. <33
    10. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      It's okay, I don't mind. ^_^

      I'm good at it. After effect of reading Superman comics, lol.

      My whole family pretty much drinks. Unless they're under age, but even then that doesn't always stop them. When peeople in my family get drunk, they're just annoying is all. Yes my Dad is a big Jack Daniels guy, you get used to it.

      You wanna get into my habits, wait for me to write "Get Psycho". I can pretty odd when I want to.

      I'll look into it.
    11. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Nah, I'm good. But I thought you said you'd give me credit for the tittle. Oh well, I don't care. ^_^

      I do know what I'm talking about. & anythime.

      No one's ever called you sweet? I'm honestly, very surprised... Sweetie. Lol! XD I'm not too kind, I only speak the truth.

      Now if I could just think of something funny. Drunk people aren't really funny, they're more annoying.

      I'll see what they said then. It's not odd, it's natural.
    12. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Any time, Alyssa, any time.

      Don't compare yourself to people, it's like reading a beauty magazine. It doesn't actually help, it'll just make you feel ugly. But I'm sure you're a nice looking girl. ^_^

      Yeah, Lance is kind of one my favorites & least favorites at the same time.

      Aw, thanks! It's easy to be sweet when I'm talking to a sweet girl. ^_^

      I'll try & respond t that, as well as my original topic. But I think everything that can be said has been on that subject.

      Don'tcha just hate that? Well if they faved it they liked it. & I loved it afterall.
    13. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      I remember I said you were my best friend on Serebii. & I think I said I'm glad I got the chance to know you. & if not, I just did.

      Okay, but for the future, I'll keep trying to think of original ideas.

      Lol. I'll look it up, see how it's doing.
    14. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Well uh, let's see. I have a lot of ideas. So much so that my head moves too fast for my body to react. So I write 'em all down in a few words that explain the idea to me. I sometimes take an entire fic idea or a one shot I wrote & make it a chapter or part of the story. Squeeze in any idea you can. Or you could ask someone to fill you in, take an idea from them. Like how I gave you the title for The Last Place You'd Look.

      Well I don't know what you look like so I can't say for sure if you'd "look" bad. But I get what you're saying. Everybody's a little self-conscious. I just learn that if I have everything I want then I don't care what people think. Like I don't care what girls think if I have a girlfriend. You souldn't be so self-conscious, you're an intelligent girl with a lot of talent.

      I didn't expect you to know them, I just used an example. I thought that might not be the smartest idea, but I wanted to have referrence to what I thought of Lance.
    15. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Well find something productive. You can always ask me for an idea or for help with something.

      I'm workin' on it. I'm very systematic.

      Why would you have low self esteem? You're an amazing person! I'm very proud of myself, very confident, very positive.

      Meh, being a comic book geek for a minute. I've always imagined Lance like Sentry, Hulk, Bizzaro, or Azrael. He means well but has problems that wind up making him the bad guy.

      Aw, thanks! That's good to know. I actually get that a lot, but it means a lot coming from you.

      Good idea. I'll keep trying but let me know once you got something.
    16. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Whatever's most productive for you.

      I'll PM you on that.

      Good, You should be proud, I'd know. ^_^

      I like Lance to be the bad guy personally, or at least a little screwed up in the head.

      Aw thanks! I feel all warm & fuzzy now. It is isn't it?

      Well I'm spent. Maybe we should both try & think of a topic.
    17. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Just do what's most productive for you. Most of my stories are in the planning stage. I don't know when I'll get to them but I will, hopefully soon.

      Yes, I have neary 100 planned. Tell you more? What would you like to know?

      Lucky us huh? No one's pure American. Everyone has a foriegn nationality. The closest you can get is Native American. I'm English, German, mostly Irish, I think I might be French(that'd explain all the shipping, lol) & God know's what else.

      So I saw. & it was masterful

      Well it certainly makes you fun to talk to.
    18. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Ooh, you've gotten further have you? I'm getting anxious, no rush though. Well I've resumed work on "Amber" & I'll keep writing on those 3 fics I've uploaded & stories in the same universe. I have my own multiverse where I place my fanfics. Like Marvel What If or DC Elseworlds. & of course new fics are in progress, & will be released when all finished, I'll wait 'til they're either completely done or I run out of stories being uploaded.

      Man I've just been babbling haven't I?
    19. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      Sure thing.

      I doubt it'll be explored due to Frantic. Frantic or LightJewel I'm happy, I just think "in common" beats "Opposites Attract", attract only goes so far. I'm an Angel, I'm occasionally drawn in by the bad girl but drop off the face of the earth as far as they're concerned when I recognize it. Ruby & Sapphire are like Gold & Yellow, they're so different yet so alike at the same time. I explain that in a future project, "Simplest Form" which is basically the 2nd in a 2 storied Ruby vs Gold series(Amber & Frantic, the first is Frantic & MangaQuest), back on topic, I hope you pull through with it soon. If it's easier, you can do the next one & come back to LightJewel.

      Well I'm in Utah, & behavior issues grant me an I.E.P(Individual Education Plan). I'm one of the only kids who go through school with little to no stress(aren't I lucky? Almost as lucky as Red, well I am Irish).
    20. Batman Beyond
      Batman Beyond
      I don't know.

      I'll leave a youtube comment.

      But I like LightJewel. I also like Frantic but LightJewel really speaks to me. Just do what you can, inspiration can come from anywhere. My Creative Writing class has helped me a lot in hitting the deadline for projects. As a writer you may be forced to write outside your comfort zone.

      Well yeah, that was completely by accident, when you pointed out that I compared you to my ex my mind jus went "DUH(stupid noise)". Lol!
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