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  • No worries, you weren't being creepy or anything. I just like to know why people FRe and stuff. I find it annoying when people send other people FRs just for the sake of adding another person to their list.

    Sure, we can be friends! Thanks for the compliment. =)
    So I'm going to ask a question that will probably get me laughed at, but here goes..

    What exactly is the " 4th wall"

    *sighs* laughter ensues
    Not a bad question at all! "4th wall" actually refers to the phrase "Breaking the fourth wall", in which characters in the anime disusses the fact and admits they are a fictional being. In "Entei and the Tower of the Unown", Team Rocket, particularly Meowth, asked if they were going to have a better role in the next Pokémon movie. Meowth had broken the 4th wall by discussing his fictional existence.

    To avoid getting infracted, I highly advise you ask questions like this inthe Anime forum here.
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