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  • I am not looking to buy the book lol.. Sorry. Do you think you can scan the page that has that Dragon picture? Everyone wants to see it. xD
    Since you have shown me the separate pond locations for Black and White Dream World, would you know how they have been changed since Tympole has most likely entered the mix. It seems that the Dream World mini-games are now rewired to where different Pokemon get different mini-games.
    Can I please have a link to the manga were it showed the dragon with Reshiram and Zekrom's wings on it? Remember it was brought up in the "Legendary Pokemon Thread" in the"B2W2 Discussion".
    I figured. Guess the ripped trainer data's levels are just used as a base that Challenge/Assist alter accordingly

    You seem like you'd know this, so: Does Challenge mode raise the levels of all/some/any of the trainers?
    Hi! do you know where can i find the vectors of the "dream world" artworks? you've posted that a long time ago, but some pokemons are missing...
    Im not talking about the website for confirming the dates, they always have false information.

    The issue is real, they would never show false information.

    It was IN the magazine, can't you accept that?
    Do you spawn in a different locations, or do the locations randomly assimilate themselves?

    There aren't specific spawn spots for the Windswept Sky or Sparkling Ocean (like the ponds) are there?
    Now you got me curious; are there maps with these locations looming somewhere on the Internet?
    I do have a question about Spooky Manor, now that it is out. Are there Pokemon specific areas like the ponds in Pleasant Forest? I think I might (key word: might) have seen Spinarak in the branches when I have encountered it twice. Maybe Bronzor always hides in the mirror? I was wondering if you could test this.
    Don't know if you could answer this, but I figure I would ask. If the Spooky Manor Isle and the Candle Blowout aren't mutually exclusive, would there be new Pokemon in other areas that have this mini-game for the sake of counterbalancing the game? Perhaps some of the Pokemon's mini-games got replaced?
    Thank you.

    (Sorry for the late reply, I was celebrating my Birthday early because I have school all day tomorrow...)
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