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Recent content by mysterious~fossil~HP~10

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    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    Something Sweet Slasher wrote on the 2nd page of the previous wishlist thread really got me thinking, what if the minigames could have other effects, such as a success rate above a certain percentage will allow you to teach a Pokemon a special move? It would certainly make the minigames more...
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    Pokemon Transmigration (Oddly named webcomic)

    I think the art is quite good with room for improvement, which is not a bad place to be for an artist, because the experimentation that comes with improving your art is very fun! It was only during the fight against team Advent that it wasn't clear to me what was going on, though later battles...
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    To Save the World (Original Hand Drawn Comic)

    This is quite a concept, and the art-style you are using really fits it. The characters and their powers are quite unique, though I am wondering why so many of them have vampire as one of their attributes? My only suggestion at the moment is to put more texture or shades into the background...
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    Pokemon Transmigration (Oddly named webcomic)

    Nice work. I'm glad to see hand-drawn comics thriving here. One thing I'd like to mention is the dynamic quality of your comic-drawing style, I actually get that sense of motion from your art that draws my attention.
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    Is Chivalry dead?

    Then how shall we define modern chivalry? I know now I'm not giving up on it, and I've seen several books in my local bookstore that interpret the Samurai's honor code, the Code of Bushido, for the modern age. What kind of Chivalry does 21st century society need?
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    Is Chivalry dead?

    Indeed. What bothers me though, is that while I accept the fact that my politeness is going to be taken advantage of by most of the populace, I can't understand why I don't see even a few people extending the same courtesy? Not just to me, but to other people. It's like my actions are stones...
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    Is Chivalry dead?

    Lying in the knowledge you can use the Sacrament of Reconciliation to get away with it probably goes against the duty to uphold your honor. #6 was probably the addition of Pope Urban II, and over the years Catholicism has reached a more mature understanding about its beliefs. Massacring other...
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    Hm? Latin for what?

    Hm? Latin for what?
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    The Journey of Some Guy

    It not a bad start, though perhaps you should try centering the text in the word bubbles because it's hard to differentiate between the 'I' pronoun that starts many of the dialogue sentences and the boundary of the textbox. Other than that I must commend you on the use of proper spelling and...
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    Is Chivalry dead?

    Many years ago, I first read legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and it started a lifelong obsession with knighthood. Now it's pretty hard to be a knight as a kid when Santa always forgets to bring you a pony for Christmas, when you live in a republic and can't get an...
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    The best state?

    Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. Michigan, my home state and the perfect apocalypse refuge. Why? 1. Lakes Superior, Huron, Ontario, Erie and Michigan make up the single largest and most beautiful source of freshwater on earth. 2...
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    Pokémon Infinity

    Most interesting, and I love the fact that somebody has a ghost-type as a starter! Then again, I just like ghost-types... Talented work on the artwork, and the story flows nicely as well. I'd like to find out a little more about the Pelua region though.
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    Fan Comics Café

    Yeah, it's rough. Maybe it's just the medium though, with pictorial storytelling most of the important points are handed to the reader for their immediate understanding. In fact, it might be a twisted form of compliment to the comic creator's skills if the audience has gained enough of an...
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    If you could live anywhere in Kanto, where would you live?

    For me, I think someplace in the foothills north of Lavender Town, within walking distance of the Rock Tunnel. It's an area I've always wanted to explore in game, and it would be rural enough that people would leave me alone. Fascinating ghost pokemon to the south, unexplored regions to the...
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    Knights of Akenon: Official Comic

    Anything that starts with the nefarious art of necromancy gets my immediate approval. Nice drawing style, looks very professional. What computer program are you using here? Do you use a digital drawing tablet, or sketch by hand and then scan it? The only criticism I have for this first page...