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  • No, I have a Japanese version of it too. If you want that instead of the American version, that's up to you. Also I live in the US.
    I don't have any feedback as I haven't really traded online before but if your unsure I can send my card first and you can send yours when you recieve mine,
    Would you be interested in say a Shiny Kabutops from Magestic Dawn? Or a Shaymin from Platinum?
    You know, I have just noticed that I didn't answer you first question. o.o Sorry! ;) I have, and finished, the whole saga.
    How do you pronounce that anyway? Is it sAga as in 'Say what does this say?' or is it saga as in 'She has gone completely gaga.'
    (do recognize either reference?)
    How do you like it so far? <:p
    But I would never had expected Hollyleaf to find out then tell all the clans! idk if I want to know but... What was she doing in the cave..tunnel..thing, in the first place?
    I'd say good ridance to the tunnels they have done enough.
    Wow... Kinda saw that one coming though, Crowfeather the father and all. They had been mentioning him alot so I kind of figured he and Leafpool, because of their brief time together before Midnight came and the way he seemed sullen with his 'known' son, I geuss, but because Jayfeather (which is in a way ironic because of the way Crowfeather got his name) and Lionblaze ( it is blaze, right? I can never remember his full name) were special and was Hollyleaf...not, that one parent would be out of the clan. And I figured it would be Leafpool becasue she is like the one cat that Squirrelflight would do anything for and they look enough alike and is Firestar's kin. Didn't know for sure though I've had a long time to think about it.
    Really? I like to camp, but I just don't get why some people drive 2 or 3 hours just to go to the middle of a different town to camp... That's not what we did, but still.
    Cool! How are you getting to Scotland? What part of the Summer?
    I've read all that have come out except the last one, though I heard Hollyleaf dies!??!?! In a tunnel?*points mic at you* Would you care to confirm or deny that?
    I only have the first one of the Power of Three, the Sight. I am hoping to get more though.
    Yeah! Sweet! no one had caught on to the whole Hollypaw thing. I thought no one noticed. Hollypaw is cool but Hollyleaf is kinda overbearing with the warrior code, same thing with Jayfeather. Jaypaw is... --I don't know any better way to put this but-- bratty, but Jayfeather is cool. I got to go camping for awhile but can we pick this up later? I totally want some one to talk about this too.
    I want to make some friends and hangout, cause my summer has been really dull, and I am away in B.C for Life guarding, So im bord and im olny 16!! Oh im Lily by the way
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