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  • it really is hectic around here, well it's calmed down a lot, but it's still scary sorta, tourism is down, even local nightclub activity is down 80 percent. People just don't wanna get stabbed lol

    Also sorry I've been away, for a loooong time cX
    I love it when it's real xD So brutal though D: I guess I can be a sensitive as.shole? I came back to mexico almost three years ago. I used to live in Boulder, CO since I was 9, moved around a few times.
    don't take it the wrong way but really a week tops, lmao, I'm not really feeling the magic though, I might just let him go soon, so I don't know if I should bother
    I just can't help it, it's like, what I love most, I would rather you take away my freedom than have you take away my unprotected oral '<'

    It's such a scary thing with these illnesses!! Gah, I'm dating a bisexual, I feel uneasy asking him to take tests before we do anything, but I wanna play it safe, no rolling around with him just yet >:V

    Hmmm, wonder how I could start that topic and not make it seem like I am worried because I've been a bit promiscuous in the past...
    you know it's not nearly as nice blowing on a balloon... you know what I mean >.<

    But even condoms don't guarantee 100% safety, so much can happen, and my condom's ripped more than a few times o.o luckily I've come out clean in testing.
    haha was actually a typo but at least that way it wasn't censored c:

    Well yeah, but there really are some nice down to earth fags out there, or at least I like to believe I'm not the only one that doesn't only care to follow the ****ty herd and praise gaga to death,(not that there's anything wrong with gaga... just her sacrilegious actions that's all, and not to condone christianity all together either, but you gotta draw a line don't you think?)

    why do I always go off on a tangent? >___<

    Well, mister double M, if there were no STDs/STIs to worry about, trust me I'd be whor!ng my *** off, but that's just not the world we live in.
    Callate! '<' lol I never goto to go to queer prom, even though when I was with my boyfriend back in Colorado he wanted to attend, we just didn't for some reason :S I don't go to gay events here, I don't know how they work really, but judging from the gay facebookers around my area, they're waaaay superficial and whory :p

    I will be turning 21 in about a month, and trust me, I look my age in person, my camera just loves me xD
    We just got back to school Monday this week, actually, we get two weeks because of tourists and the such. That sucks about the test, what was the subject?

    Well since I've already spent it, I'll tell you what I kinda did lol, just went drinking at a friend's house, damn he has a lot of stairs >.> maneuvering up and around them, and meeting his parents while drunk off my *** and still trying to make a good first impression was a blast xD Plus my rather handsome friend had to kiss me during our drinking games CX Next day barbecue at a female friend's house, the pool, and then I had to go back and tend to the little business my mom owns >.> I guess that's the price I paid for having too much fun all at once *shrugs*

    you do anything special?
    haha, it's an expression/pun about "que onda," which literally means "what wave," but can be translated as "what's up"

    I made it purposely confusing, yes :3
    My only full battle that I finished I ended up losing because some guy saved his frickin suicune for last. Bastard.
    Ahaha, that made me laugh, Mythic Mist. Sorry you lost, but I'm glad you had fun~ ^_^
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