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    Your Opinion: Will Ash ever be romantically involved with someone?

    Never as long as we have pokemon generations he will be cursed to roam the entire planet trying to win a league with {insert extra characters here}
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    Things that grind your gears!

    Having a weakness to Priority Mach Punch,Focus Blast,Aura Sphere,Vacuum Wave,Close Combat and so on is a curse actually.Pokemon that usually have these have the offensive stats for guarenteed OHKOS. Notice how many ice types are unusable because of the bottom weaknesses Pyroar and...
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    What Moves SHOULDN'T They Get?

    Try to imagine Machop's face IRL
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    Entry Hazards should be harmless to most armored pokemon tbh.Even toxic spikes shouldnt phase them since the spikes cant pierce through their armor.Also how does Spikes even work realistically? Does the pokemon get impaled in their feet when they come out? Ouch and Stealth Rock is SHARP stones...
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    Are some pokemon types still unbalanced?

    Actually depending on how cold the ice is a fire isnt doing anything but being extinguish from the water it creates from melting the ice.Also ice is inflammable so dont even try to put a flame on ice either.Some ice types can make temperatures cold enough to liquify AIR.Really fire shouldnt much...
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    I'm probably the worst pokemon player

    I dont have the patience to IV breed I would hack IVS on my pokemon if I could tbh.Eventually the game of luck starts to drive you insane after 30 eggs with no ideal stat spread.If only X and Y had a speed up feature like the emulators then I could IV Breed.
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    Things that grind your gears!

    Bright Powder just imagine the opponent has a blinding glare over their body.It would make it hard to actually aim at them if the light keeps hurting your eyes.Thats why Flash also reduces accuracy. Double Team is illusionary copies of the opponent mimicing its movements to confuse you into...
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    Are some pokemon types still unbalanced?

    Suggestions Ice resist Ice Ice immune to water.Water is the substance on this planet that is frozen the easiest.Would turn many ice types into scald counters Ice loses fighting weakness.Steel is hardly ever used so all they have to worry about is Fire and Rock Rock resist Rock.Maybe remove its...
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    Things that grind your gears!

    Battle Maison.My 100% accurate thunderbolt misses six times in a row wtf
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    Are some pokemon types still unbalanced?

    Like Grass and Ice types defensively and Water types offensively. I would suggest giving Ice a resistance to Ice and water or remove their fighting weakness to balance them. Water could be given a weakness to poison Grass is fine
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    What abilities should they be given?

    Aerodactyl Rock Head would give it an uber Brave Bird
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    Kalos Region Mysteries

    What exactly are Xerneas and Yveltal? By Yveltal's dex entry it sounds like some malignant force created it and Xerneas was once the tree of Yggdrasil or something. Zygarde must some underground guardian that maintains balance whatever that means in the Kalos landmass.
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    Ash's 6 Worst Pokemon

    No order Unfezant Croconaw Quilava Oshawott Snivy Bayleef
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    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    Ash would catch a Espurr and Pancham
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    How much of the anime have you seen, and how did you watch it?

    Only saw first season and parts of orange and johto as a kid when was on Kids WB.Saw Advanced seasons when I was 10 but I always had to watch 43 because I kept waking up after a new episode was over. Watched BF on cartoonnetwork.Watched DP on cartoonnetwork then got sick of it.Tried to watch BW...