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  • Well its really a theory, nothing confirms it actually works.. could also be that my luck factor is huge.. but on the other hand, 4 recent MM quest have been completed and none of them rise above the 100th egg count. (I do have the shiny charm though) so who knows.. it might have not been confirmed yet..

    But the theory is that when you breed the same species of a diffrent region the odds of getting a shiny is higher than if you breed with a diffrent specie from another region.
    so to illustrate what I am saying:

    ENG Buneary with JAP Buneary = Higher chance for shiny
    ENG Buneary with JAP Ditto = Lower chance for shiny

    But like I said again, its just a theory.. it might have been huge luck aswell. But I have heard others saying the same thing though.. you can try it aswell !
    Just letting you know that Game Freak never said there wouldn't be any patches at all. They only said there wouldn't be any balance patches (i.e. that nerf Mega Kangaskhan) or patches to incorporate ORAS data. Patches that fix glitches, like the trade evolution move learning glitch or patches that fix exploits like Battle Analyzer don't fall under either of those categories.
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