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  • but yea if we could actually schedule a time to meet up online and trade that would be the best way for me since friends list is full. Sorry about that! I just want to keep my friend safari in tact.

    Let me know when a good time/day is for you.
    yea only 100 unfortunately. and by now I would probably have 200 if it let me.
    unfortunately I can't add you until we are ready to trade my friends list is full.

    Let me know what is a good time for you and I will meet you then.

    Besides dinner I am pretty free the rest of the night :)
    hey sorry for some reason serebii doesn't log me out anymore. Let me know if you hop back online! I was actually at the bank when you messaged me
    hey there just got back from eating. let me know when you hop online and we can trade :)
    hey just letting you know it's about 5:30 pm for me right now. I should be available about four and a half hours from this post for trading!
    tonight should be okay! sometime around 10:00 pm central time (gmt - 5) or after.
    Hey just wanted to let you know I just finished your order last night!

    it came out:

    Modest - 31/x/31/31/31/31
    dive ball
    Egg moves: toxic spikes

    I forgot what you are trading me but I think maybe it was a shiny froufrou?

    Anyway let me know when you want to trade. I might be busy with a large batch order trade tonight but I should have some other available nights coming up this week. If tonight is your best time to trade I can try to make it work though. Let me know!
    okay I started working on it last night hopefully should be done by some time tonight!
    hey just letting you know I finished my batch order of 93 moonball females and will be starting on your skrelp shortly!

    Just making sure you still needed it first but I will get working on it unless I hear different from you :)
    I think gym leaders should stop focusing on types.
    You just opened the gates of Horkus, bro.
    Friendly reminder that Animated sprites were banned from the speculation thread...

    Just pointing it out before the mods take it down, and I gotta look out for my fellow Serebii members ;)
    Eh Togekiss isn't bird, though i do appreciate to hear who is your second favorite pokemon. Mine second favorite would probably be Starmie. I mean his moveset is so versatile and powerful, his psychic tricks and upgraded water attacks from new generations of games makes him very formidable pokemon for offense abilities. Kinda sucks that writers left Misty Starmie early at gym because while i liked Straryu, i wished we got chance to see Starmie more in action.

    Togekiss was amazing too, that aura sphere and airslash can be really devastating when used right and i liked his serene and gracious appearance seemig fitting for contests and Dawn character to have.
    Since Talonflame is your favorite flying bird pokemon, can i ask who is your second best? I mean Ash also had Pidgeot(though for too short but it seemed very promising), Swellov, Staraptor and Unfeazant.
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