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Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2016
Aug 22, 2016
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Determined Trainer

Nadimo was last seen:
Sep 30, 2016
    1. EKZ1505
      Thanks and I hope you enjoy Tympole!
    2. Nadimo
      Thanks alot !! :)
    3. EKZ1505
      Yep! No problem :)
    4. Nadimo
      aaahhhhh you did give me a sec

      Grizz right :D
    5. Nadimo
      is sth wrong?
    6. EKZ1505
      Sorry I'm forgetting exact details, but didn't I give a nickname for Teddiursa?
    7. EKZ1505
      Back on in a sec, just grabbing Tympole out of my bank :)
    8. EKZ1505
      I just saw your post in the shiny trading thread. For future reference just PM or VM me. It's more direct and I almost didn't notice your post and would have never known to respond lol plus it keeps the thread clear from trade negotiation clutter :)

      Anyway, I am also after a shiny nicknameable Thundurus in addition to the Dialga, as well as any events I don't have. I am open to other offers though! Nicknameable competitive shinies would be next up, but I do consider offers of other competitive shinies like the Heracross you mentioned. Unfortunately I do have a shiny Heracross in my list, but if it's nicknameable I would definitely be interested, or if it is at least different than mine I may be as well!

      Welcome to the forums by the way! :)
    9. Nadimo
      yeah i would like to have one fairywitch :)
      my ign is Nadimo and my FC is 0791 1879 2190
      imm gonna add you now, just pm me when you have the time :)
      i can give you a female ha wailmer with EMs in exchange :)
    10. FairyWitch
      yeah I do but its only three males I have so if you want one let me know :3
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    0791 1879 2190


    Determination is the key to determination
    Ingame-Name: Nadimo
    Friendcode 3DS: 0791 1879 2190